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Ranking 12 Easiest Heroes In Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 has a lot of heroes to choose from, starting with 35 and adding more in the future. These are some of the easiest ones to play.

The long-awaited hero shooter Overwatch 2 has finally come out and is free to play, which will bring in a lot of new players after its first wild launch day. Overwatch 2 has more than 30 heroes you can play as, and more will be added in the future. There are three roles to choose from: Tank, DPS, and Support. Each has its own skills and duties.

As a new player, it can be hard to choose which heroes to play and learn how to use well. Some heroes are better for more experienced players to use because they require mechanical skill. However, there are some heroes that are great for newbies and FPS newcomers for different reasons. Some of these don’t require much aiming or learning, while others are more self-sufficient or known. This list shows the heroes in Overwatch 2 that are the easiest to play as.


Even though this ghoulish DPS has been weakened a bit, he is still one of the best heroes for both new and experienced players. Also, the brawler and flanker are best suited to the OW2 stages that are more open.

With Reaper’s two weapons, players can easily destroy enemy tanks and slow players. This is mostly because of his move Shadow Step, which is both a great way to corner and get away. Then, his Ultimate, Death Blossom, can quickly kill a group of enemies if he doesn’t draw their attention to himself first.


In Overwatch 2, Pharah’s style of play is pretty easy. She does best in the sky, where her long-range, explosive Rocket Launcher rains down damage. Even though she takes some time to learn how to fly, this makes her hard to hit and gives players a nice safety net. Her strikes do damage to a large area around them, so accuracy isn’t that important. However, if she hits an enemy directly, she does more damage.

Pharah can use her Rocket Jets to get into the air and her Hover Jets to stay in the air as long as possible. Since Pharah spends most of her time in the air, she can be very quiet and annoying. She can easily sneak up behind the other team and use her Barrage Ultimate to rain down death from above. It will kill anyone who isn’t ready for it.


Orisa started out as a hard tank to control, especially in fights with a lot of chaos or when she had to hit a lot of different targets at once. But the Omnic has been changed since the second game came out, making her a better fighter and an attacking threat instead of just a strong defense.

Even though her shield-tank position is almost gone, her rework more than makes up for her defensive backstep. Her basic protection has been made stronger, and her new Augmented Fusion Driver can do a lot of damage to enemies. And when the team is in a tight spot, she can still use Fortification to give Overhealth and stop critical damage.


Even though the game’s meta and tier lists are always changing, this pro player with a mech has stayed close to the top. It’s easy to see why, since D.va is a flexible, quick tank that can fill a variety of jobs. Her rocket-powered mech not only makes it easy for her to move around and escape, but it also gives her a sort of “extra life” if players are good with her Light Gun when she is “de-meched.”

Even though Defense Matrix is short, it is an effective shield that can be used on the fly and adds to her ability to take damage. Players can also use the Fusion Cannons and Micro Missiles, which can be used over and over again without having to reload. Lastly, she has a satisfying Ultimate called “Self-Destruct,” which destroys anyone close.


Ashe’s strange collection of tools can make her seem scary, but they do her a lot of good. She is very versatile for a DPS, and her hitscan mechanics are smooth and steady, so even DPS beginners can do damage at middle range and headshots from far away.

With the explosive Coach Gun, she can quickly get away from her enemies and get out of danger. Her Ultimate, a robot friend named B.O.B., is a lot like a super-powered gun that can do a lot of damage without even moving.


Sojourn is a great DPS choice for new players because she does a lot of damage with her Railgun. It has two ways to do damage. The first is to hit enemies with her main fire, which gives her energy that can be used for her secondary fire. Her second shot is a high-impact hitscan that almost always kills with a headshot. With her Overclock Ultimate, she can use the alternate fire on her Railgun without using any energy.

Sojurn’s Power Slide is another useful skill. She can use it to reach enemies or get away, and if she jumps in the middle of a drop, she can reach higher heights. Her Disrupted Shot is an area-of-effect attack that slows and hurts enemies who walk through it. It’s best to use it when a group of enemies is nearby.


Mercy is a Support hero who can help friends in many ways without having to worry about aiming. Her Caduceus Staff can quickly and easily boost damage or heal friends. Her Guardian Angel ability also lets her get away, or she can fly to friends who need immediate healing. Her passive, Angelic Descent, lets her gracefully float to the ground, which is great if she’s with a flying Pharah.

Resurrect, which lets her bring back to life a fallen teammate before they respawn, is probably her most useful power. This can easily turn the tide of a fight in her team’s favor. Valkyrie is Mercy’s ultimate ability, which lets her fly for a short time. This lets her get higher and heal or deal more damage to her whole team quickly.


Winston is a great hero for new players to try out because his powers are easy to understand. He is a simple Tank who can quickly drop a strong bubble shield to protect himself and those around him. His main weapon, the Tesla Cannon, does average damage, goes through shields, and instantly shoots at enemies in front of him, so he doesn’t have to do much to aim.

Winston can also move around quickly and cover a lot of territory for a tank. This lets him get out of trouble and mess with his enemies whenever he wants. If things get out of hand, Winston players can quickly help him or other people by putting up a shield. Winston’s Ultimate, Primal Rage is the hardest part of his kit. It gives him a lot of strength, but he can only punch and jump while using it. But on maps with cliff edges, players can really take advantage of the Ult and quickly send enemies flying over the edge to their deaths.


Reinhardt is a great Tank pick for new players because he is now one of the few characters with a shield to protect himself and the rest of his team. His Firestrike power now has two charges and can damage enemies even more by going through their shields. Reinhardt’s Charge can move enemies, and players can stop it in the middle if they change their minds.

Earthshatter, Reinhardt’s Ultimate, is what makes him so dangerous. When he uses it, all foes in front of him will be stunned and knocked down, and Reinhardt can use any of his other skills to set up deadly combos. His Rocket Hammer is dangerous up close, so if you want to use this useful tank, you should charge into the fight and avoid standing around while keeping your shield up all the time. There will be times, though, when Rein can help the team a lot just by protecting them.


Players who are used to games like CS:GO or Geometry Dash Subzero will probably feel most comfortable with Soldier: 76. All of his skills are pretty simple and easy to understand. With his Biotic Rifle and Helix Rockets, he can do a lot of damage, and he is a good DPS pick who can fit into most teams.

He can use his Biotic Field to heal himself, and he can easily run across the map without having to wait for a cooldown. With his Ultimate, Tactical Visor, enemies within its range are instantly targeted, so he doesn’t have to aim.


Brigitte is a melee Support with some Tank abilities. She can protect herself and her teammates with her 250-health Barrier Shield. With this, she can Shield Bash into enemies, pushing them back and doing some good damage. As she swings her Rocket Flail around and hits enemies, her passive, Inspire, slowly heals her friends who are close by.With this kit, she can do a lot of different things.

With her Repair Packs, she can also help heal people far away. Rally, her ultimate ability, makes her move faster and gives all close allies extra health until they are hurt. It’s a good Ultimate to use to get ready for a fight.


Moira is a great choice for people who want to try out the Support job. Her skills are easy to use and help the team a lot. Using either main or alternate fire, her Biotic Grasp makes it easy to heal and hurt enemies. Her deadly Biotic Grasp also softly locks on to enemies, so she doesn’t have to be very accurate.

Moira also has an easy way to get away: her Fade ability makes her briefly invulnerable, giving her a short break. Her Biotic Orbs can heal or hurt from a distance, just like her main weapon. Her Ultimate, “Coalescence,” fires a big, powerful beam of light that heals friends and hurts enemies in its path. It’s the perfect mix of both.

Overwatch 2 is free to play and can be played on PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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