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Graveyard Keeper: 10 Best Ways To Make Money

In Graveyard Keeper, coins will be very important. Here are the best ways to get as many as possible.

Graveyard Keeper is a management simulation game with a dark twist. You are thrown into an old world where strange things are happening all around you. As you play Graveyard Keeper, you’ll learn that even though you’re in a different world, you still have to work hard to get money.

It won’t be long before you learn that the few copper coins you earn every day aren’t going to be enough to live on, and because Graveyard Keeper is based on supply and demand, you can’t take advantage of the selling systems like you can in most trading games. Here are some quick ways to get more money if you find yourself running low during your game.

Sell Your Burial Certificates


In Graveyard Keeper, your main job is to get bodies ready to be buried or burned. As you play through Graveyard Keeper‘s introduction, one of the first things you’ll learn is that every time you bury a body, you’ll get a Burial Certificate that you can then sell to the tavern owner, Horadric.

Burial Certificates are the only thing you can sell regularly and in bulk without the game’s supply and demand system kicking in. They sell for one silver and fifty copper. As you might expect from a game called “Graveyard Keeper,” your main source of income will be being a Graveyard Keeper for most of the game.

Process And Package Flesh

One of the first things you’ll learn about how the game works is what you can do to a dead body on an autopsy table, like take its flesh or take out its innards. You’ll be told to bring the meat from your morgue to the tavern and sell it, but you’ll be stopped in your tracks when you’re told that you’ll need a stamp to show that it’s “real” meat before you can sell it. This is because of a problem with fake meat on the market years ago.

You have two ways to get this stamp in the game. The best way is to get to level 30 respect with Snake, which you can do by completing his quests. You can also buy it from Royal Services, which you can get to by opening the mailbox in front of the church. This is less popular because it costs 50 silver. In the early Backrooms game, it’s hard to get that much money.

Once you have this stamp, you can go to your kitchen and make a package of meat that you can sell by using the stamp, some meat, and clean paper.

Putting Together Crates of Goods

As the story of Graveyard Keeper goes on, you’ll meet the Merchant. At first, he doesn’t believe in you and makes fun of your promise. At 30 reputation, you can start the quest chain where the Merchant is ready to do business with you, but first you need to pay 50 silver for a Trade License.

After you get the license, you’ll be able to open a trade office where you can start selling produce and other goods in large quantities. You can put these boxes of goods in the front yard of your house. You can sell a wide range of things. There are three kinds of crates that you can sell: a silver crate sells for ten silver and seventy-five copper, a gold crate sells for sixteen silver and fifty copper, and a things crate sells for fifteen silver.

Donation-Focused Sermons

You are a Graveyard Keeper, but as soon as you start cleaning up the old graveyard, you also find yourself taking on the part of a Preacher. The Bishop gives you the Casual Prayer, which gives you three copper for every graveyard quality and one faith for every five church qualities. Though, as soon as you can, you should make or buy a Combo Prayer.

The Combo Prayer can be bought from the Bishop for one silver and twelve copper, or it can be made with one book and seven faith at the Church Workbench. It makes 50, 100, or 150 percent more Faith and donations, based on how well the prayer is said. This is a popular prayer because it is a mix of both the Prayer for Faith and the Prayer for Donations, with no percentage dropoff.

Giving Books To The Astrologer

When you open the Desk and the “Books” branch of the technology tree, you can use your first few books to make new prayers and get science for your study table. After that, your main reason for reading books will be to get blue technology points.

If you do this, it’s possible that you’ll end up with a lot of books that aren’t very useful once you have enough science books and the basics for Prayers. Most of the time, you will end up making more prayers to sell to the Bishop, but it will be much more profitable to bring these books straight to the Astrologer. Remember that he will only buy books that are either silver (13 silver and 26 copper) or gold (26 silver and 52 copper).

Witch Burning Burger Stand

When your relationship with the Inquisitor reaches 40, he will ask you to build a tent where you can sell food and drinks for witch burnings. The dining tent unlock is one of the best ways to make money, but it takes a bit more work and planning to set up, but it pays off if you have a good place to start.

You will need to fill it with five gold-quality burgers and ten gold-star mugs of beer. You only need gold-quality onions to make gold-quality burgers, and you only need gold-quality hops to make gold-quality beer. After each meal cutscene, you get 33 silver and 4 faith as a reward for getting ready.

Smelt Coal Into Graphite

Graphite is a metal that can be made by melting coal in a level 2 or 3 furnace. Graphite can be made from five pieces of coal in a level two kiln. Five coal will make two graphite in a level 3 kiln. This is pretty cheap, and you can get 40 copper for one piece of graphite.

Even though this isn’t a lot of money, it’s easy to make. You can also get coal without much trouble. Once you get past the first roadblock going north from the graveyard, you will see a white quarry. You can find a coal mine just to the left of this.

Set Up A Zombie Farm

With the Breaking Dead DLC, you can bring the dead back to life and take care of zombies. You will be on your way to farming with zombies after talking to Gunter and doing a short questline. You can use these zombies to take care of your food farm and any other resource farms you have set up.

Zombies can be picked up and put down at different places, like the mine or the lumber area. While they are here, the zombies can make things and bring them back to your house. This is another great way to make money without really having to do anything.

The Talking Skull Tavern

If you have the Stranger Sins DLC, you will also be able to open your own bar called the Talking Skull. With this building, you’ll be able to sell food and drinks and also put on events.

The Talking Skull is a way to make money both passively and actively. As you improve the quality of your Tavern, more people will come in, and as long as your crates are full of alcohol, you’ll make money every time you go in. With events, you can stock your Barman’s store with both food and drinks to increase the money you make from the event.

Brew Wine

The last thing we’ll talk about is making wine. Soon after you finish the lesson, you’ll learn about wine, but you won’t be able to make it right away. To make money making wine, you’ll need to put grape seeds in the vineyard area. Once you can get to Witch Hill, you’ll be able to use these seeds.

You can put grape seeds here, and the plants will be fully grown in a short time. Once they are grown, these grapes can be used to make juice, which can then be turned into wine. Overall, we think you should plant a lot of grapes so you can make and sell a lot of wine. Don’t sell too much at once, or it will mess up the balance between supply and demand.

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