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Why Do We Say InshaAllah After Making Plans?

The phrase “InshaAllah” (إِنْ شَاءَ اللّٰهُ‎) meaning “If Allah wills” or “God willing” in Arabic, is commonly used by Muslims when speaking about future plans. What Does Inshallah Mean in Arabic? Why is saying InshaAllah after discussing plans an important practice in Islam?

This article explores the context, significance, and wisdom behind uttering InshaAllah when making plans.

The Meaning of InshaAllah

InshaAllah derives from the Arabic root word “sha’a” meaning to will something or have power over something. Combined with “In”, it takes the meaning of “If Allah should will” or “If Allah wills”.

It recognizes that ultimately, Allah alone has complete power and control over all affairs. Human beings make efforts and plans, but success only comes through Allah’s Will.

Why Do Muslims Say It?

Mentioning InshaAllah when planning underscores the core Islamic belief that divine destiny supersedes all human plans:

  • Affirms Belief in Qadr (Divine Decree) – Saying InshaAllah reaffirms the conviction that Allah has predetermined and fully controls the future.
  • Shows Reliance on Allah – Highlights all efforts depend on Allah for fruition more than our planning.
  • Expresses Hope – InshaAllah signifies optimism that Allah may allow the plan to come to fruition if it is best.
  • Wards Off Arrogance – Prevents mistaken feelings of being fully in charge of the future without Allah’s involvement.
  • Manifests Servitude – Recognizes Allah as Master with true authority over our affairs while we are servants.
  • Teaches Resignation – If plans fail, InshaAllah reminds us that Allah’s decree prevails over our wishes. Prevents dismay.
  • Follows Prophetic Example – We say it because Allah’s Messenger used InshaAllah when planning, teaching us adab.

When Is InshaAllah Said?

Common situations include:

  • When deciding future action plans – “I will travel abroad InshaAllah next year.”
  • Intending to do something – “I will recite this surah InshaAllah tomorrow.”
  • Informing about an upcoming event – “My wedding is planned InshaAllah on 15th May.”
  • Making a deal/promise for the future – “I will deliver this InshaAllah by Friday.”
  • Expressing hopes and ambitions – “InshaAllah I get into medical college.”
  • After saying “I intend to” when expressing resolve – “I intend to finish this report InshaAllah soon.”

Etiquettes of Saying InshaAllah

Scholars prescribe certain etiquettes:

  • Say it sincerely acknowledging Allah’s supreme authority and influence over all affairs. Don’t treat it as a superficial habit.
  • Make an effort to fulfill plans while recognizing that outcomes depend on Allah’s Grace. Don’t become lazy.
  • Don’t make promises for the future outright. Restrict with InshaAllah which leaves room for Allah’s Plan to unfold.
  • Avoid saying InshaAllah when resolving to do sin. Disobeying Allah cannot be justified through Qadr.
  • Balance hope in Allah’s bounty when saying InshaAllah while accepting His Wisdom if difficulties arise. Don’t lose trust in Allah.

Key Benefits and Wisdom

Some blessings and deeper lessons associated with saying InshaAllah after making plans include:

Heightens God-Consciousness

Repeatedly remembering Allah’s Power when planning boosts taqwa and conscientiousness of Qadr.

Teaches Reliance on Allah

Planning without self-sufficiency and acknowledging reliance on Divine Will builds trust in Allah over material means.

Manages Expectations and Resilience

When plans go awry, InshaAllah prevents shock or dismay since Allah’s Will was already submitted to.

Facilitates Patience and Gratitude

We remain patient with Allah’s Qadr and grateful for whatever Allah grants out of Wisdom, not just our wishes.

Uplifts Hope in Allah’s Bounty

While accepting Divine Wisdom, we retain optimism in Allah’s immense bounty and providence.

Therefore, this simple phrase reminds believers constantly about core Quranic convictions, enriches faith, instills wisdom, and brings serenity through utter reliance on our Creator when planning our days and lives. It is a phrase of profound insight we should never neglect or forget.

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