What Is Viral Marketing And How It Works In 2023

You must be familiar with the word “Viral” as this is the most common word used by social media users. Have you made any content that goes viral? Or share something that has been viral like wildfire.

Similarly, viral marketing is a strategy that is used by businesses to promote a product on multiple social media platforms. It works similarly to word-of-mouth, but the only difference is that in viral marketing it is the work of hands.

It takes seconds to share a clip or a meme and it spreads like a fire in the jungle. The name viral itself implies that it spreads like a disease from one person to another. So, this is how things work, brands use this strategy to make their products go viral.

Social media is huge, once the thing is posted and has the content that can make it viral will eventually get famous. In this blog, we will discuss how brands use this strategy to involve the online public and promote their services.

How Viral Marketing Works?

In some cases, it happened accidentally, but in many cases, people create content that has a subject that is already the talk of the town. When content has any fun, informative or gossip the chances are that it can get viral.

Brands use subject matters that are already famous among the public so it takes less time to get viral. Using famous celebrities to attract a large number of audiences is another viral marketing strategy.

Advantages Of Viral Marketing 

There are many advantages of becoming famous through viral marketing. Let’s discuss some of them.


It doesn’t take a lot of money to create viral content but instead requires skills and creativity. Businesses do not have to hire advertising agencies for promotion nor do they require large spaces.

All it takes is a social media post and creative skills to make the product viral. Find the right audience and target them according to their mindset and emotions.

Has The Potential To Grab Attention

It has the potential to catch the eye of millions of views in a few hours. When the content is uploaded on social media platforms it means that it is available for millions of people to watch and share.

Besides, no extra effort is required for the international audience to make the business viral. All it takes is a share; the post is shared on social media platforms and there it goes.

Builds Brand Identity

Everybody wants to buy a product which got famous on the internet. The online world has the capacity to make you famous and also defame your business but let’s focus on the brighter side.

When a product or a service gets famous, the brand automatically builds an identity among the people. You share content, people start relating to it, and eventually, the public start feeling a sense of connection with the brand.

Your brand is famous but needs an online presence to become reputable by having a noteworthy online page. So, if there is a question that rises regarding how to create a Wikipedia page for myself then look for experts online.

`Example Of A Viral Marketing

These two famous examples will further explain the power of viral marketing. 


You must have heard about the famous pancake eatery, IHOP that used the viral marketing tactic. The brand shared a tweet telling people that they are about to change the name from IHOP to IHOPb. Since it is a famous eatery, people went crazy and started guessing what that “b” refers to.

After millions of retweets, shares, and likes the brand went public with the new item on their menu which was Burger. As soon the item was available for the customers, the branches were stormed with people.

This is how it works; it takes a single tweet, post, or story to make a product go viral. But that’s only possible if it is creative enough to grab attention.

Ice Bucket Challenge

A few years back, a challenge was introduced to the people to raise the funds. Since people will follow anything that is famous on the internet, millions of people uploaded their videos on the internet doing the challenge.

Not just this, even famous celebrities and the wealthiest person alive on the planet Bill Gates took part in the challenge. Now that the famous celebrity has done that challenge it becomes an obligation for the online world to follow the same.

This is how social media is becoming the most powerful tool.

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