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Surf Fishing with MEKNIC Bait Boat


Surf fishing is a popular pastime for many anglers, and one of the keys to success is getting your bait out beyond the breakers. This can be a challenge, especially if you’re fishing from shore. One solution is to use a bait boat, like the MEKNIC fishing bait boat. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the features and benefits of the MEKNIC bait boat for surf fishing.

Stable and Reliable

The MEKNIC bait boat is made from high quality ABS material that is more stable and firm, making it capable of withstanding strong winds and waves. Its sleek design and exquisite workmanship make it an attractive option for anglers who want to look good while fishing. The MEKNIC bait boat is also quick to start and easy to operate, with a remote controller that features a push and pull rocker design. The boat can move forward, backward, turn left, turn right, and even nest, giving anglers more control over their fishing experience.

Powerful and Efficient

The surf fishing bait boat comes with 2 high capacity lithium 5200mAh batteries that are placed in the middle of the boat body for added stability. These batteries can be charged quickly and provide more power than other bait boats on the market. The boat’s powerful propeller helps it move through the water quickly and efficiently, while its low noise and durable motor make it a reliable option for anglers who want to fish in peace and quiet. The MEKNIC bait boat also has a huge loading bait tank, making it easy to carry all the bait you need for a successful fishing trip.

Upgraded Features

The MEKNIC bait boat is always improving, and the latest version comes with a power reminder alarm that alerts you when the batteries are running low. This is a useful feature for anglers who don’t want to lose their boat or their bait when the batteries die. The MEKNIC bait boat also has a signal range of up to 437 yards without interference, making it one of the most reliable and efficient bait boats on the market.


If you’re a surf fisherman looking for a reliable and efficient way to get your bait out beyond the breakers, the MEKNIC bait boat is a great option. With its stable and reliable design, powerful and efficient motor, and upgraded features like the power reminder alarm, the MEKNIC bait boat is sure to enhance your fishing experience.

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