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KTM RC125 Review: Pros and Cons for Informed Buyers

Indians and their love for 125 CC motorcycles is no news. The reason is simple. 125 CC motorcycles consume less fuel and are capable enough to meet the needs of an average Indian commuter. 

Taking note of this trend, KTM, the motorcycle manufacturer from Austria, chose to launch the KTM RC 125. Now the question of the day is whether this motorcycle is perfect for one who is looking for a compact sports bike.

And the answer is yes!

The reasons that make one’s decision to buy an RC 125 justified are enunciated in the sections below in the form of pros and cons.

Here goes.


The bike looks amazing

The overall looks of the RC 125 are heavily inspired by the KTM RC8 supersport. The RC 125 now flaunts a bubble-type visor, revised fairing and a redesigned fuel tank. The motorcycle comes equipped with a single halogen-bulb-equipped headlamp unit. The front turn indicators are integrated into the front fairing of the bike.

The engine is perfect for street and highway cruising

The RC 125 is powered by a 124 CC, BS6-phase-2-compliant, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, single-cylinder unit. The peak power and torque outputs of the engine are 14.75 bhp and 12 Nm respectively. The engine is mated to a 6-speed transmission that transfers power through a wet multiplate clutch. The engine is paired with a large air intake that helps it to make impressive low-RPM torque. The redesigned radiator unit is now equipped with two heavy-duty fans. This update allowed the RC 125 to finally shed its low-speed heating issue for good.

On-board hardware triumphs over rival products

The RC 125 entails a single but fully loaded trim. The bike rides on WP (APEX) series suspensions and has an LCD instrument cluster. KTM also equipped the bike with dual disc brakes with dual-channel switchable ABS. These are pretty impressive hardware for a 125 CC motorcycle, to be honest!

The handling is similar to premium compact sports bikes

The RC 125 has been extensively tested on tracks and Indian streets. And KTM has a rich history of being one of the veteran motorcycle manufacturing brands. Hence, it is natural for the RC 125 to handle like a charm on both straight lines and curves.

The motorcycle is perfect for everyday city commutes. Overtaking traffic on the highways is effortless as well. The low dry weight of the bike also allows one to keep their cool when they are stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic. 

This is the most comfortable compact sports bike available in India

The RC 125 is undoubtedly a compact sports bike. Hence, it is natural for the bike to come with a riding triangle that keeps the rider in an aggressive stance. An aggressive stance offers a rider more command over a motorcycle. Furthermore, an aggressive stance also enables the rider to reduce the air resistance exerted on the bike and the rider. Reduction of air resistance becomes an important factor as it helps to ease the strain exerted on the engine. An engine that effortlessly accelerates a motorcycle would consume less fuel. All of this is good news but an aggressive riding stance can make a rider’s spine hurt after riding for more than two hours. KTM understood this. This is the reason why the RC 125 comes with an adjustable handlebar and comfortable seats. Furthermore, the suspensions of the bike are set on the medium setting to enhance the comfort factor of the bike.


The only downside of the RC 125 is its premium price tag and hefty servicing costs. Other than this, there aren’t any downsides to owning an RC 125!

The decision of KTM India to ask for Rs. 1, 89,631 (ex-showroom KTM Bike Price) for a 125 CC motorcycle might seem absurd. But one must remember that rival motorcycles in this price range are mere commuter bikes with fairing. That’s it! Rival motorcycles might entail cheaper MSRPs but they won’t come with the USPs of the RC 125. 

For more details on the RC 125, test ride one at the nearest KTM dealership!

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