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Are OxyContin And Oxycodone The Same Thing?

OxyContin is an official brand name for Oxycodone which is used for treating extreme pain. The two medications are basically the same drug, however Oxycodone is also available under different brands that be of different strengths and release techniques.

In the present, in our own United States, we are experiencing an increase in opioid use to alarming levels. To better guard ourselves from this risk and provide full education, treatment and prevention, it’s essential that we comprehend all aspects of the issue and the various drugs that cause misuse. Due to the higher number of drugs being prescribed, and their availability, the abuse of prescription painkillers is rising which is fueling the problem. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) states that as of 2012, 16.3 million of us aged 12 and over in the U.S. reported nonmedical use of oxycodone products at the time of their lives.

Understanding The Makeup Of Oxycontin And Oxycodone

To answer the question, yes they are identical, or perhaps OxyContin can be identified as oxycodone while oxycodone may not always OxyContin.

To begin, OxyContin is a brand of drug, while it is the kind of drug that it is. buying oxycontin online is a pure oxycodone that is part of an opioid category of drug. It it is an opioid semi-synthetic analgesic, also known as a pain medicine. It is used for treating moderate to severe pain. There are a variety of brand name drugs that also contain only oxycodone. These include Oxaydo, among others. They have different degrees of release, from instantaneous (Oxaydo) and long-acting, which is the mechanism behind OxyContin’s action.

However Oxycodone can be found in different forms other than OxyContin. This is due to the fact that oxycodone is often combined with non-narcotic painkillers. Oxycodone can be mixed with Acetaminophen (Percocet) or aspirin (Percodan). The major distinction between combination drugs that contain Oxycodone and straight oxycodone as in OxyContin is the quantity of Oxycodone. In general, the combination drugs contain, in the maximum, around 9 mg, which is close to the amount found in the most minimal dosage of OxyContin and the most powerful dosage of OxyContin contains 80 mg. This is the reason that OxyContin has such a wide range of misuse.

A Significant Risk Of Oxycodone Drug Abuse – Back Pain And Chronic Pain Challenges

Although they have a substantial benefits in the medical field if used correctly, they all carry a high risk of addiction and abuse. Oxycodone, as well as any other medication with it, is considered an Schedule II drug under the Drug Enforcement Administration’s Controlled Substance Act, meaning that it is a drug with “a high potential for abuse, with use potentially leading to severe psychological or physical dependence.” The possibility for abuse is so great in fact that previously there was an equivalent of tablet containing 160 mg. tablet that was subsequently removed.

Opioid medications, such as opioid pain medicines, function through a chemical effect on a person’s central nerve system. A side effect of this occurs when the medication is used in greater quantity, or through a method of delivery other than oral (as for OxyContin for instance, like chewing, snorting or inserting it into the rectally and injecting it) and the feeling of euphoria. It is the state of mind that people are most likely to seek out when using these substances.

When a person changes the methods of administering, it’s generally because they are trying to get rid of the slow-release character of the medication instead, saturating their body with it quickly.

The most prominent substance to be concerned about is OxyContin since it’s an extended-release tablet that could contain the most quantity of oxycodone available on prescription. This can be extremely hazardous because the quantity of drug that is absorbed into your system is one that was created to release slowly, and in a gradual manner over time. For instance, buy oxycontin online is meant to be released over 12 hours. In the event of abuse that identical amount of drug could be entering your system in only a fraction of that time. Due to this, the risk of overdose rises exponentially.

Opioid misuse, which includes the use of oxycodone-containing substances is a source of dangers and harm on the part of users. Anyone who decides to take these drugs can suffer at the worst instances, addiction, and more likely to suffer heart attacks or coma. It could also lead to death. To alleviate the anxiety, if you or someone you know is using such drugs take action immediately.

Treatment For Opioid Abuse

Opioid addiction and abuse are serious issues, and if they are severe is the case, they will require a intense and thorough treatment. In more severe cases the patient may need treatment in an inpatient rehabilitation program. During this the patient will receive a complete range of services aimed at helping him achieve and master how to live a drug-free lifestyle.

A reliable treatment facility for addiction treatment should provide a medical detox. Once you’ve cleansed your body of toxic toxins from these substances, you could take part in group, groups, individual, or family therapy, psychotherapy medically assisted treatment, dual diagnosis and pain management strategies and support for aftercare and prevention of relapse.

Don’t Let These Drugs Ruin Your Life

The abuse of prescription drugs is a major issue. If you discover that you’re taking your medicine in a different way than intended, or using a prescription for another and you’re in danger of developing an addiction, or may already be suffering from an addiction. If you’re experiencing this you should not let this persist. We can assist you in finding ways to get sober. Contact us at RehabCenter.net and find out more about the treatment options available for treating prescription drug addiction.

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