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Yotpo Alternatives – Top 6 Tools That You Can Rely On

Customer reviews and social media engagement play a key role in developing the credibility of a brand in this digitalized era. And we all are familiar with how brands are dependent on customer reviews for their survival. To boost the online presence and build trust with the audience, customer reviews have become powerful tools for brands. Embedding customer reviews and social media feeds directly into your website you can display the positive experiences associated with your brand.

For brands, Yotpo rises as a popular platform to gather and showcase reviews on their websites. To search for alternative options that provide unique features and cater to different business requirements, is always advantageous as a brand. Read this blog to find out the best Yotpo alternative platforms that will you in collecting and showing customer reviews on your website. Let’s get started! 

6 Best Yotpo Alternatives For Customer Reviews 

There are some of the top Yotpo alternatives mentioned below that you can use for your business to collect and show customer reviews. 

1. Tagembed 

A versatile customer review platform- Tagembed enables businesses to curate, aggregate, and show customer reviews from different social media platforms. You can create customized review widgets, grids, and sliders with Tagembed and seamlessly embed them on your website. For individuals, startups, large businesses, and organizations, Tagembed has become a popular choice to display reviews and as a Yotpo alternative. 

Important Features of Tagembed:

a). Multiple Source Aggregation 

This tool permits you to gather and curate customer reviews from different social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and more. Tagembed brings all your customer reviews into one place which simplifies the review management process. 

b). Customization Options 

A range of customization options are provided by the Tagembed to match your website design’s requirements. With custom themes, layouts, styles, fonts, and colors, you can easily personalize the reviews widget by creating a seamless integration with your website. 

c). SEO Friendly

Your User-Generated content is search engine optimized, and Tagembed makes sure of it. Organic search results will enhance the visibility of your website. It will significantly improve the online presence and website traffic. 

d). Real Time Updates 

With the latest reviews, stay updated as Tagembed automatically updates the reviews in real time. This will also make sure that your website visitors will see the latest and updated customer reviews on the website. 

2. Trustpilot 

Another Yotpo alternative on the list is Trustpilot. A customer review platform– Trustpilot focuses on building transparency and trust between customers and businesses. Trustpilot provides businesses an opportunity to gather and display customer reviews through its integration tools. Verified reviews, Trustscore, review generation, rich snippets, and customer insights are some of the key features of Trustpilot. For customer feedback, Trustpilot offers an open and transparent channel which will surely boost the reputation, credibility, and SEO of a brand or business. 

3. PowerReviews

PowerReviews is a customer review management tool as the name suggests that helps brands analyze, collect, and display reviews about their products and services. To leverage the power of user-generated content and improve customer experience, PowerReviews offers multiple functions and features. It is flexible and brand-aligning software as an alternative to Yotpo that will make sure that you maximize the value of UGC you gather. 

4. Turnto 

For managing and generating customer reviews, Turnto has gained immense popularity. Turnto is widely famous for its sincere and helpful customer success team. This is appreciated by every user for their business purposes. With a good pricing plan, the reporting and insight management of Turnto is also great and fits the budget of every business. Turnto doesn’t offer any kind of free trial. Regarding your UGC and influencer marketing strategy, the advantages and features will surely bring you decent growth. 

5. EmbedSocial 

To boost the online presence and credibility of businesses by leveraging user-generated content, EmbedSocial is one of the popular UGC platforms. EmbedSocial offers different tools that include capacities to manage, collect, and display customer reviews from different platforms. The seamless integration of EmbedSocial with social media platforms permits businesses to display customer reviews from networks like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. 

6. BirdEye 

Birdeye is another cost-effective alternative to Yotpo which reimagines how customer reviews and feedback are used to retain customers. To gather real-time customer feedback and ratings, all platforms like review sites, surveys, and social media channels are used. The variety of features gives BirEye an upper edge over Yotpo. With BirdEye, business owners can perform competitive analysis and manage their online presence. 

Parting Note 

Exploring Yotpo alternatives can offer unique features and functionalities to fit your business requirements. Yotpo is also a popular choice for businesses to collect and display customer feedback on their websites. These above-mentioned platforms are outstanding Yotpo alternatives for businesses that provide robust feedback collection and display capabilities. You can enhance credibility and trust by effectively collecting and displaying customer reviews. 

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