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Why Do I Need To Hire a Land Surveyor?

When it comes to land development and property management, one crucial player often remains behind the scenes but is integral to the process – the land surveyor. Their role is rooted in serving the best interests of the public, ensuring responsible land development, and property management.

These professionals play a pivotal role in determining property boundaries, identifying easements and encroachments, preventing costly boundary line mistakes, and ensuring that building codes and regulations are followed to safeguard the public. If you find yourself in need of a land surveyor and are uncertain about where to begin, this guide will help you navigate the process.

When Do I Need a Land Surveyor?
There are various scenarios in which hiring a land surveyor becomes essential. Property line disputes and contractual sales are common reasons to engage their services. Here are some common types of surveys that you might require:

American Land Title Association Survey (A.L.T.A.): This survey provides property title companies and mortgage lenders with vital location data needed for issuing property titles and mortgage insurance. It includes details such as boundaries, easements, and the location of improvements like structures, fences, utility lines, and roads.

Boundary Survey: This survey precisely locates property corners and boundary lines.

Floodplain Survey: It determines the elevation of a building or land and whether it is within a floodplain.

Property Survey: This survey identifies the legal property boundary when it is already described in legal documents.

Construction Survey: It provides essential measurements for constructing improvements like roads, buildings, and pipelines.

Land Development Survey: When a single lot is split into two or more parcels, this survey delineates property corners and survey data for legal title and description.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Provide Me with an Official Survey?
Only a licensed professional land surveyor can provide a legal land survey or modify boundaries and easements. Ensure that the surveyor is licensed to work in your state, and consider their qualifications, references, and past projects when hiring one.

Will a Land Surveyor Tell Me Where My Boundary Lines Are?
In most states, including Oregon, only a court of law can decide questions of property ownership. A land surveyor locates property boundaries based on the description in your deed, marks property corners if necessary, provides a map, and documents the results. If conflicts arise, the surveyor can advise on possible remedies.

Will I Know If Encroachments Exist on the Property?
Surveyors identify possible encroachments during the survey. While they may not need to be shown on the map submitted for filing with the county surveyor, a separate map might be required.

Will I Know If Easements Exist on My Property?
Easements grant another entity the right to use your land for a specific purpose, such as utilities. Surveyors can identify easements if a title report is provided or ordered during the survey.

Understanding Survey Costs
Survey costs can vary widely based on several factors, including the type of survey, the type of deed description, the amount of research needed, property size and shape, terrain, accessibility, and more. It’s challenging to determine exact costs in advance due to these variables. Your chosen land surveyor should be able to provide a cost estimate based on their experience. They may also require a contract detailing the scope of work and compensation required.

Land surveyors are essential professionals in responsible land development and property management. When you need one, consider their qualifications, licensing, references, and past projects to ensure you make the right choice.

If you’re in West Kelowna and need expert land surveying services, Core Geomatics is a reputable name to trust. They can help you navigate the complexities of land surveys and ensure your property-related concerns are addressed professionally and accurately.

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