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Who is a Salesforce Business Analyst? Explain their roles


A Salesforce Business Analyst is a project-based, business-oriented role. They are the ones who help guide businesses to uplift business processes and efficiency in Salesforce. They obtain, document, and examine requirements across business challenges, and then generate data-driven solutions. Think of the Salesforce business analyst as an interpreter. They’re one when it comes to communication between IT and business stakeholders to ensure all involved work together to acquire the best results. In the present scenario, these knowledgeable individuals are quite in demand. If your interest also lies in this direction, enrolling yourself in the Salesforce Certified Business Analyst certification program will be an ideal step for you.

Well, to know about what a Salesforce Business Analyst does, read on further.

Role of a Salesforce Business Analyst

Salesforce Business Analyst roles are concerned with implementing, designing, and maintaining the databases so you can maintain your company’s relationship with its consumers properly. A knowledgeable Salesforce Business Analyst is also accountable for offering effective training to his clients to make them aware of Salesforce’s proper functioning and offer them the most effective business solutions available.

  • Examining Every Information: They dive into every key data, insight, and fact to locate what actions to take for the business’s ultimate success.
  • Elicitation: They are also needed to set up the foundation of a project by asking a lot of questions, gathering opinions, information, and facts by interviewing stakeholders & departments to examine what teams to work with, what should be the whole procedure, and other things.
  • Documentation On Requirements: Salesforce BAs are needed to document every input, action, and outcome exchanged between the team, and departments so that stakeholders could look into it.
  • Communicating: Salesforce BA’s role is to act as a bridge and thus comprises a lot of verbal & non-verbal communication between teams, departments, and stakeholders to ensure the right processes, and actions are put forward, and the inputs are aligned with the desired outputs.
  • Planning & Implementing Great Solutions: Well, the job of Business analysts is to plan & imply effective actions & solutions that meet the end objectives desired by the business stakeholders. 
  • Measuring & Testing: You will also find them measuring the implementation of practical solutions to keep track of the progress and develop training materials, holding the feedback & elicitation questions for the record. 

Is Salesforce Business Analyst a very complex course to learn? 

No, it’s not as complicated as it seems. You will find it quite interesting to know. If you have an interest in building your career in this field specifically, obtaining a Salesforce Business Analyst Certification from a decent institution will help you understand every bit of this advancement in a much better way. This way, you will learn everything about it from scratch. To give a gist of it, let’s give you a proper overview of what you will end up learning in this specific course: –

You will first learn about the 3 Tier Model: Data (Model), UI (View), Business Logic (Controller), Terminologies in Salesforce, Master-Detail Relationship, Lookup Filters, Rollup Summary Field, Record Types and Page Layouts, Sharing Settings – OWD, Sharing Rules, Manual Sharing, Organization-Wide, Defaults, Apex Triggers, SOQL, SOSL, Visualforce Pages, etc. To learn all these by yourself might become a daunting task, therefore obtaining its legit training will clear all your concepts. 


Well, from the information listed above, it’s quite clear what a Salesforce Business Analyst is supposed to do. Currently, they play an important role by cementing the gaps in the businesses. So, acquire the proper skills, information, and legit training before stepping into this domain properly. After obtaining this valuable accreditation, you will surely grab one of the highest salary packages available in the industry.

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