The reasons why you require interactive walkthrough for your applications

Interactive walkthrough is altering the manner by which an user understands or interacts with a complex app. It provides specific help to carry out task in a visual and user friendly manner. Of late the end user avoids lengthy manuals and based on specific cases prefer an app for use. For these reasons an interactive walkthrough has become relevant.

Interactive walkthrough- a tour for the app users

For coping up with the challenges of an organization an interactive walkthrough is a perfect solution.

  • For on boarding the new users
  • Providing training to the existing users about the new features of an app

Every product feature along with their objectives would be having their own specific walkthrough. It may be a specific task or a product tour. What it means is that the learning standards of the users are addressed.

  • The features of the app are understood in a better way
  • Increase in productivity
  • Faster learning
  • Knowledge retention and increased confidence about using the app features
  • Superior levels of app usage

Let us understand in details about interactive walkthroughs. The reasons one needs to understand is that why it is needed and how it is going to be adopted by the future organizations.

A lot of effort is involved in learning about the app

For various users the learning curve is bound to vary. An end user is confused by the nature of complex control and features. Hence they resort to the following methods to deal with their queries

  • They obtain knowledge about the app in a trial and error way
  • They focus on conceptual based topics in the form of videos and manuals
  • Get in touch with customer care executives and a long waiting time emerges
  • Being part of an expensive product training module. It would enable them for better understanding.

The moment in an existing app a new feature is introduced, it is not utilized or often underutilized. A reason for it is that the users are able to comprehend possible user cases and cash in on the benefits of the same.

If the user experience is negative, with the profound learning curve from conventional end user sources leads to a poor adoption and choice towards an app. Such a stance has a negative impact on the users of the app. The morale along with productivity is a source of struggle and a degree of frustration may creep in. if there is a lack of user friendly approach the sales of the app could plummet.

The way forward in the form of an interactive walkthrough

The walkthrough would pinpoint and highlight an exact form of user control. It is necessary for performing the required task as the user would be directed towards it. According to the user requirements the walkthroughs can be evoked or revoked into any time. The walkthrough could be in the form of

  • Automatic-it is a form of walkthrough that is interactive and without any user input it would move automatically from one step to another step. A walkthrough designer may undertake a program gap in between the two steps. An automatic walkthrough would be suited for demonstrations and product tours.
  • Input based- Such a walkthrough is interactive and informative. An end user is expected to enhance the input as necessary by the walkthrough steps. It would be proceed further and execution of the intended task. For on-boarding along with training, they are useful.

An interactive walkthrough would draw an attention towards a new event within an app. It can be product launches , flash sales, brand partnerships and so on. What it does is that the user interest is ignited for business and time sensitive events. Such a walkthrough would provide scope of their usage and go on to analyse the effectiveness and efficiency.

To conclude interactive walkthroughs are a new age manual for action or proactive users. They would want to learn on the app and in the fastest way possible. They have become the go to tool in the process of on boarding product tours and support centric activities. You need to experience the power of an interactive walkthrough as it would delight the users.

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