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Tata Hitachi SHINRAI and Escorts XT 1610: Construction Marvels

Two remarkable machines have been making waves with outstanding capabilities and efficiency in construction and heavy-duty tasks. Today, we’ll take a closer look at these giants that are shaping the infrastructure landscape. Get ready to explore the highlights of Tata Hitachi SHINRAI and Escorts XT 1610 2WD, two machines redefining power and precision.

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Tata Hitachi SHINRAI

The Tata Hitachi SHINRAI stands as a testament to cutting-edge engineering in construction. With an impressive hydraulic oil capacity of 86 litres, this machine is poised to handle extensive tasks easily. While excelling in its lifting, loading, and reaching capabilities., its 7800 kg maximum operating weight and 1 cubic meter backhoe bucket capacity signify its robust nature. The ex-showroom Tata Hitachi price in India ranges from ₹29 to ₹31 Lakh, making it a valuable investment for those in the construction industry.

Escorts XT 1610 2WD

The Escorts XT 1610 2WD is a true workhorse that has earned its place in heavy machinery. Although the hydraulic oil capacity is not specified, its 2000 kg max lift capacity sets it apart in terms of power. Its 8190 kg max operating weight ensures stability and durability even in demanding conditions. Interestingly, the XT 1610 2WD doesn’t feature a loader or backhoe bucket capacity, highlighting its specialization in certain tasks. With an ex-showroom price ranging from ₹22 to ₹24 lahks, this machine offers exceptional value for its capabilities.

In a world where infrastructure projects demand precision and versatility, these machines rise to the occasion. Their unmatched capabilities and innovative features make them indispensable assets for any construction endeavour.

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