Social Media: Facebook Features And Specifications

Social Media: Facebook Features And Specifications

Facebook is a social network service that is owned by Mark Zuckerberg and was introduced to the public in 2004. This platform has a lot of software and technology features that can be found when you use Facebook, whether on a mobile application or the Facebook website.

Below in the blog, we will be telling you about the structure and features of Facebook and will also let you know what ISO stands for on Facebook.

So, if you are keen to learn about these specifications, then you should not miss out on this blog and should begin to give it a read.

Features of All Social Media Service Platforms

News Feed Section

The news feed section is available at the very front, or it can be known as the home page of Facebook. This is the section where you will get to see posts and other things that people upload to their accounts.

From the news feed section, you can like posts, comment on them, or even share them with your friends on the platform.

Making Friends

You can add friends and family to your account, and there are two ways in which someone could be added to your account. The first one is when you send a friend request to the person you want to add and they accept it.

The second is when someone sends you a friend request, and you accept their request and become friends.

Messaging and Inbox

There is a messaging section as well on Facebook, and you can contact or talk to your friends using the inbox and get to know more about them.

In your inbox, you can chat individually, or if you want, you can also make groups with people and talk or share posts with them in the group.

Like, Comments, Reactions

Liking, reacting, and commenting are available for you when you are watching the feed, where you can see pictures and videos of your friends on the platform.

These are the major features of Facebook, and the other features that you will get are the wall, timeline, notifications, marketplace, events, places, and many others.

ISO Means on the Facebook Platform

We will now get to what ISO means in text so that you have knowledge about it as well.

ISO is usually found in Facebook groups or on the Facebook Marketplace, and the full form of this short form is in search of.

It basically means that the person is in need of a specific product, and along with this, it is also an invitation for other users to make an offer if they have access to the same product and are also willing to send it.

To Summarize

However, ISO is an acronym with many meanings but the most commonly used meaning is “In Search Of” on social media platforms. We hope that all the details and specifications about Facebook that we have offered to you in this blog have been of help to you and that you have been successfully able to use it for your work. 

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