Rose Water And Acne – Can It Really Help?

Not long ago, someone asked me about the effectiveness of applying rose water to the face to cure acne. At that time I had no idea, but now I have the answer to that question.

rose water for face

From what I have heard and read, rose water for Face can be used in two ways to treat acne. The first way is to squeeze the rose into a mild juice and apply it directly to the face, like a face mask. The second way is to use the concept of aromatherapy. Having used both methods on my friends who are severely affected by acne (I cured my acne 2 years ago, there is no point in using these methods on myself), I can honestly say that both methods have little effect on your acne condition.

rose water for skin whitening

This method might work for you if you are sure that your acne is caused by severe stress. Stress causes the hormonal system to release excessive androgenic hormones. And the sudden burst of hormones could be the cause of your acne.

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By little effect, I mean that the most you can expect are a 5-10% improvement in your current acne condition. It took the three girlfriends of mine about 4 weeks to achieve this. If I were you, I would focus my energy, time, and money on other more effective treatments.

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Nowadays, there is a big misunderstanding about acne medications. People only want natural treatments, but not medical treatments for their acne. And why? Because natural ingredients don’t cause side effects. Is that true? Not at all. In fact, I have heard that some herbs have caused side effects in users.

To conclude this article, I would like to state that rose extracts/rose water for the face have little effect on your acne condition. You should focus your time on more effective treatments, such as eating a balanced diet, using acne medications, vitamin treatments, and so on.

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