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Red Coral Gemstone – Who Should Wear and Why?

Red coral gemstone is one of the most amazing and sparkingly beautiful gemstones. These gemstones are rare because they are formed on their own over hundreds of years. Red corals are given the name Red Coral because of their color and formation. Their solid red color looks mystical because the stone is made of skeletons of marine creatures known as ‘coral polyps’ hence Coral, combining the name “Red Coral”.

Skeletons of coral polyps make red coral, so the hardness of these gemstones is not much. On moh’s scale, it ranges between 3 to 4. These stones are prone to scratches easily but the beauty of the stone makes them irresistible. Also, there is much importance of red coral gemstones in astrology whether it is Vedic or Western astrology.

This makes the red coral gemstone a valuable stone and a demandable one in today’s market. In this article, we will discuss why you should wear this gemstone, what advantages you will get, and whether this stone is suitable for you or not.

Who Should Wear the Red Coral Gemstone? 

The Red coral stone like every gemstone is in association with an astrological planet. The red planet Mars is the link with the red-colored stone, red coral. Also known as Moonga this stone is highly recommendable by astrologers to wear by anyone who has the negative effects of Mars in their birth chart or Kundli or Mangal Dosh. Often people who have Mangal Dosh get troubles in their life big events like Marriage. An original Red Coral gemstone will remove these negative effects and troubles and bring positivity to their life.

As for the zodiac signs, the red coral stone is the most beneficial for Aries and Scorpio. Astrologers check your planet’s position as per your birth and if the position of the planet is suitable for you to wear the Moonga, you can wear it.

Why Wear Red Coral Stone? 

The Red Coral gemstone will not only remove your Mangal Dosh but will also bring you a lot of advantages. The energy from the cosmos will be linked with your stone and flow through you as the stone will be in touch with you once you wear it with the proper method. It will affect not only your ate, but also your mind, body and soul.

Know the many benefits of wearing a red coral gemstone:

  • It will increase your self-confidence and self-belief. This will enhance your faith in yourself and remove all your self-doubts.

  • Remove any type of negativity from your lie. Like evil spirits, gaslighting, manipulation, bad omens, bad eye, hypnotism, etc. It will keep any negative energies away from you. Protecting you by forming a shield around you as an aura, the stone will keep you healthy by mind, soul, and body.

  • The stone will guide you right on the spiritual path. It will enlighten your mind to be more focused on spiritual things rather than on materialistic ones. This will also help you keep your mind calm and peaceful.

  • A natural red coral is also known to increase your mind’s capacity to think, be aware, and open you to new perspectives.

  • The red coral gemstone is also known to bring success and financial stability to the wearer.

  • Increasing passion and boldness, the red coral stone always keeps the energy levels of the wearer up.

Health Benefits of the Red Coral Gemstone

Another benefit of the red coral stone is its healing properties. The stone has been known for centuries to cure many diseases and assist the person to be overall healthy and fit.

  • The stones’ energy will strengthen your heart and cure any related diseases to it.

  • Indeed, it will cure any problems related to the skin, liver, and respiratory system.

  • The red coral stone also helps in conception by curing problems related to infertility or any other sex-related, in both men and women.

  • It regulates menstrual cycles in women and provides relief from pain during the day.

Summing Up

The Red Coral gemstone is one of the Navratnas. Moonga Ratan is a beauty. It holds a lot of significance in astrology and the benefits of Moonga are considerable upright. These advantages of the stone transform the lives of the person who wears it.

Specially if you have Mangal Dosh in your Kundli or birth chart, you should wear a red coral gemstone. The energy flowing through the gemstone will help you with your confidence and self-belief. It will enhance optimism in your life.

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