5 Tips for Efficient Online Quran Study

Online Quran Teaching Academy

While Online Quran Teaching Academy is convenient and flexible, there are some disadvantages. If you do not take steps to overcome these obstacles, you’re learning curve will suffer greatly.

As an online Quran tutor for the last five years, I am well aware of these challenges and know how to overcome them.

So here I am to share five useful tips for increasing the effectiveness of online Quran learning and assisting online Quran students in making the most of their Online Quran Teaching Academy.

1. Establish a dedicated study area

Distraction is one of the most significant challenges in online learning. You are vulnerable to a variety of internal and external distractions that will seriously impair your learning.

To avoid distractions, set aside a quiet and secluded area at home to study the Quran online. Your study area should be distinct from where you watch TV or eat dinner.

Please instruct your family not to bother you while you are in your session. To avoid interruptions from your friends, turn off your phone and, if possible, log out of your social media accounts.

2. Mark your calendar for study time

The ability to learn Quran online at your own pace is a significant advantage. You may attend classes or listen to lectures whenever you want. On the other hand, because there is no one to monitor you and there are no penalties, it is easy to lose track of your learning time and miss your session.

Create a schedule for yourself and have it emailed to you, or set an alarm to remind you to study the Quran. It will assist you in ensuring that you attend each class on time.

Remember that consistency is the key to learning the Quran quickly online.

3. Take notes actively

Students who learn the Online Quran Teaching Academy, I’ve noticed, frequently take their Quran reading errors for granted. As a result, they keep making the same mistakes. It’s normal to make mistakes, and that’s perfectly fine. The issue arises when you fail to correct them.

The best practise is to keep a list of all the errors that are pointed out during each session and work on them during your practise session before or after class. Also, don’t assume you’ve grasped everything and that you don’t need to take notes. Make a mental note of everything important, particularly Tajweed rules, for future reference. Students who take notes and correct their mistakes, in my experience, learn the Quran much faster and better.

4. Take part in the class

According to studies, students who actively participate in class learn better and faster than those who sit silently and listen. It is critical to ask questions and discuss topics when learning the Quran online. This will significantly speed up your Quran learning process.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you’re unsure about something. Finish your assignments and request that your tutor give you quizzes and tests on a regular basis.

5. Attend only one Quran course at a time

There are numerous online Quran courses available. Select the one that corresponds to your current level and avoid enrolling in multiple courses at once. This is a frequent request from students, but I always advise them to concentrate on one course at a time.

If you are a beginner, for example, you should start with the Noorani Qaida to learn the fundamentals.

Take the Tajweed course Online Quran Teaching if you want to improve your recitation. Similarly, if you want to memorise the Quran, you should only use a memorization programme. Trying to learn Tafseer and memorization simultaneously will make it difficult to focus on either.

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