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NWare 17in Laptop: Best Laptop in Low Prices and Extraordinary Performance

Wanted a perfect laptop for your office and daily tasks, NWare 17in laptop is beautiful. It is perfect for mediocre use and cannot be used for heavy and bigger purposes. If you are a student or a job person, then NWare 17in Laptop is perfect. In this article, we will discuss all the specifications, features, and important points of NWare 17in laptops. You must read this article till the end if you are thinking of buying one.

What is a NWare 17in Laptop?

NWare 17 is the latest laptop with a large screen and the perfect design for daily and office use. If you are a job person and want to work on a bigger screen, then NWare 17 is the perfect laptop for you. It is a quality-based product having the latest features for many communities. It is not for a single type of use; different people of different professions can use it. 

This company is well known for quality products at cheap prices. This laptop is the best choice for students and customers with a low budget. It is not only good for its specifications but also according to design. It has a durable base and plain design which is good for desk work and carrying in a backpack. Apart from its notable appearance, it is also good at the mediocre level of games. You cannot play high-standard games, but it is good for mediocre and low-graphics games.


The specifications of the computer decide its power, capacity, working, performance, usage load, and price. The specification makes the basic difference between devices. The following are the specifications of NWare 17in Laptop:

  • Processor:                  Intel Core i7
  • Screen Size:               17 Inch
  • RAM:                           16 GB
  • Storage:                      1 TB (1000 GB)
  • Operating:                   System: Windows 10
  • Screen Quality:           1920 x 1080
  • Graphic Card:                 GeForce GTX 970M
  • Graphical Memory:     3 GB GDDR5

Processing Power

If you want to perform any tasks on your laptop, then you must have the good processing power. Whether you are playing a game or doing a desk job, if you do not have good processing speed, then you will face problems. NWare 17in is an Intel Core i7 laptop with 16 GB of RAM that is enough for a regular load and mediocre games. The GeForce graphic card makes it speedier and more efficient.

Storage Area

The storage area is necessary because it is vital for businesses and professionals as well. NWare 17in has a storage area of 1 TB. This storage area can be increased by replacing a hard drive with a 2 TB hard disk. It is easy to replace hard drives but quite expensive.


We have talked previously about gaming on NWare 17 on Laptop, and for that, you must have a good Graphic Card. And NWare provides you with one of the finest graphic cards, GeForce. You can have GeForce GTX 970M, which means 3 GB of GDDR5 Graphical memory. It is not extraordinary from a gaming point of view as you cannot play high-profile games. But you can play upper-level games quite easily.


NWare 17in Laptop has built-in speakers because life cannot be lived and enjoyed without sound. Normally, the speaker’s quality in laptops is not good as external speakers because of space and weight issues in laptops. But times are changing, and the world is developing fastly. It is the time when large objects can become smart and small. Superior quality speakers are getting small and getting fit in laptops. And NWare is an example of a good speaker in laptops.


As we talked about earlier, your computer’s performance depends upon its processor, RAM, graphical memory, and other specifications. NWare laptop performance is perfect if you are looking for a good laptop for your normal job, as a student, or for basic daily use. It has a good processing time due to its specification time. 

It does not mean that it cannot run games and perform heavy tasks. It could face some difficulties in performing heavy tasks such as slow processing. But there is always an option to increase the performance of your laptop or computer by applying upgrades and upgradations.

Important Features and Some Basics

The following are some key features of NWare laptops:

  • First, we will talk about its large screen of 17 inches. A 17 inches screen is not common in laptops, we often observe it in typical monitors. But NWare offers you a large screen with high resolution. A great advantage of a large screen is during video or image editing. So NWare laptops can be especially useful for graphic editors.
  • As compared to other laptops’ features and sizes, NWare 17 is a lightweight machine. Its weight is less than 3 pounds which means 1 KG. This weight laptop is quite easy to carry in your backpack and take where you want.
  • The battery is especially important when we talk about laptops because laptops are made to move from one place to another easily. NWare has good battery timing, all the good laptops normally offer 6+ hours of battery timing. NWare also offers 6+ hours of battery timing.

Pros & Cons

Every object in this World has pros and cons. The following are the pros and cons of Nware laptop:


  • Cheap price
  • Built-in camera, mike, and speakers
  • 3 distinct types of ports for connectivity
  • You can upgrade it easily
  • Lightweight
  • Pre-installed Windows 10
  • Large & widescreen (17 Inches)
  • HD (High Display) screen resolution (1920 x 1080)
  • Good for job and work
  • Good Processing speed
  • AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) are compatible with NWare


  • Limited
  • The most advanced games may not run on this laptop
  • It could get more expensive if you upgrade its parts
  • The camera quality is not good.


If you want to upgrade your laptop according to your needs, then it is possible. For example, if you need more than 1 Tb of storage area, you can upgrade it by replacing the 2 TB hard drive.


NWare 17in Laptop is perfect for you if you need it for simple office work, as a student, or desk duty. In this article, we have mentioned and discussed all the crucial factors of NWare 17in laptops.

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