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Important Tips for Ecommerce Products Photography: A Beginner’s Guide

Find out how you can create beautiful product photos for your e-commerce website without spending a fortune. The visuals on your website play an important role in building trust in your brand, products and eCommerce development and design. But you don’t want to ruin the product photos you’ve taken.

Photos with low resolution, poor lighting, reflections and lack of detail won’t get people to buy your products. You can hire someone to photograph your products, Ecommerce Products Photography in Lahore is the best photographer company. They provide us with the best E-commerce photography services in Lahore, Pakistan. Fortunately, you can take good pictures of your products yourself.

Ecommerce Products Photography showing your product

A good photo can say more about a product than a long description. The purpose of photography is to make words unnecessary to describe the product. We know you love your Ecommerce Products Photography in Lahore, but that doesn’t mean you have to write an essay about them. 

  1. Product descriptions should be a little playful, but not over the top.
  2. Usually, the specifications of a product are enough for the customer to make a buying decision. Let the pictures do the rest.
  3. The pictures should highlight the most important aspects of the product. 
  4. Not from your point of view, but from the buyer’s point of view. 
  5. Multiple photos from different angles help the buyer get the full picture, while close-ups help to understand design details and insignificant details.

However, some things are easier to photograph than others. For example, you don’t need to take many pictures of your latest pastry, but you do need to take pictures of your bike or guitar.

Getting started without spending a lot of money

You don’t have to worry about using your credit card to get what you need.

You don’t need expensive equipment to take good photos.

  1. Sure, you need a high-end camera like the Canon 5D. But it’s impossible for most people to get their hands on one. So let’s use what we have. 
  2. Modern mobile phones at least have built-in cameras that can take high-quality, high-resolution pictures.
  3. The camera is important, but it’s just one part of a much bigger process. There are many cheap digital cameras, and even smartphones, that can take beautiful pictures without you having to think about it. 
  4. But to do that, you need to do your homework. Many cameras in the lower price range may not work optimally. For example, some cheap cameras don’t have a macro mode or have lenses that aren’t good for detail.

Shoot your Ecommerce Products

DSLR cameras are the next step. DSLR cameras offer more advanced manual controls, such as white balance, aperture, focus and use of different lenses.

Whichever camera you choose, you need a way to stabilize it. To capture more detail, you need a wider aperture, which in turn means a slower shutter speed. With a tripod, you can make sure your images are sharp, even if you’re shaking your hands or have had four cups of espresso all day.

Background Colors

  1. You’ll also need a plain white background and a light box. 
  2. You can buy rolls of paper at a photoshop or white paper at your local art supply store.
  3. The color of the paper should be as white as possible. 
  4. You will also need some white foam to reflect the light so that it shines evenly on the subject.
  5. If you use a light box, you can buy an inexpensive one or follow the instructions below to make one yourself. 
  6. Most soft box kits come with a light source. Most soft box kits come with a light source.
  7. Photo shops have simple light mounts that aren’t too expensive. If you use an external light. 
  8. Make sure the light is made for photography. Normal lamps will discolors the images. Also be aware that photo lamps can get very hot.

Organize your space

The more space you have, the better your photos will be. If you’re photographing small products, a simple table against the wall in a bright room is perfect. If the product is large, a table is not necessary. You should also be aware of your surroundings. Turn them off when you’re shooting. Try to avoid rooms with bright colors. 

Are there fluorescent lights across the street?

  1. If this is not possible, you can cover bright areas with a white cloth or paper. 
  2. Also remember that shiny products reflect what’s around them.
  3. Stick the stains on the wall and bring them to the surface of the table. 
  4. There should be a gentle curve, like a skateboard ramp, from where the stains go down the wall to the table. 
  5. Secure it with tape. Set up the candle and move the foam board to make sure there is nothing in the shadows.

Enough natural light can have a phenomenal effect.

Windows can be an advantage or disadvantage. You can use natural light to set up the shooting location and Ecommerce Products, but keep in mind that direct sunlight will increase the exposure of your photos. It’s best to have a window to the right or left of the shooting location and a reflector on the other side of the window to fill in the shadows. If there is a window behind you, it will create a shadow.

Perfect editing

  1. Photo editing is the final step in beautifying your photo.
  2. There is no shadow in a photo that can’t be brightened up.
  3. Sander has been shooting before digital photography existed, so he doesn’t take these words too literally. 
  4. However, it’s very easy to lighten shadows using photo editing software.
  5. No photo editing can make a bad photo look good. 
  6. But you can make a mediocre photo look better with a little color correction, contrast adjustment and brightness adjustment. And even a good photo can be turned into a great photo with the right editing and cropping.
  7. Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom are very powerful photo editing programs. Because of their power, both require some learning.


If you don’t have these programs, try a free alternative like GIMP or Pixel, or a cheaper option like Photos. They should have everything you need.

Final Words

A little photo editing goes a long way. Just make sure the final Ecommerce Products Photography in Lahore is an accurate representation of the product.

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