How Will Instagram’s Focus On Video Change The Game For Influencers?

Instagram, one of the major social media platforms in the world right now, just stated that they would begin focusing only on video content. This has long been speculated, but the once-popular photo-sharing app is now redirecting its rivalry efforts.

With the popularity of short video content in recent years, Instagram opted to compete with TikTok through its reels feature. Reels are 30-second portrait-oriented videos that follow a similar pattern to TikTok videos.

Observe the Times

Because individuals spend so much time on reels, you have a better chance of branding in this sector. Advertising on reels is an excellent strategy to increase your following. With only 30 seconds available, you must create material that is both engaging and concise.

How does this affect influencers?

With the addition of additional features, organic reach and engagement will increase. Reels was debuted a year ago and has dominated the market since then. The straightforward method has worked brilliantly for most folks, and you can quickly establish a following simply by posting reels consistently.

Reels offer a plethora of video editing capabilities, such as speed controls and augmented reality effects. As a result, it’s a novel and fascinating new format in which the sky’s the limit. Additionally, it provides an opportunity for organic growth, which has been declining in recent years. This helps you gain new likes and followers and aids in the development of a community around you. You may quickly utilize these new capabilities and create engaging content without any difficulty.

As an influencer, you should seize each opportunity to expand your audience.

The following are a few tips to assist you in growing your Instagram audience.

The most effective topics for reels are FAQs, brief tutorials, plugging other items, and general vlogging. Vlogging as a trend is expected to continue growing in 2021. Therefore it’s a good idea to attempt and Vlog a bit in reels as well. People enjoy seeing what others are up to and engaging in new experiences.

Let them a 30-second glance into your wonderland and allow them to be in awe of you. This way, you’ll receive daily content and may quickly climb the algorithm ladder on your own.

Mode portrait

Because Reels is highly reliant on TikTok, it is recommended that you shoot vertically. This is the new video format that has established itself as the de-facto standard. Vertical reels of video fit the screen perfectly, and there are no black bars where there should be content. This is an excellent approach to film yourself performing tasks while also occupying the entire screen.

Enhance audio and video

Whether it’s audio, text, or visual effects, these minor adjustments may truly bring your reels to life. They can significantly improve the aesthetics and intrigue of your reels. Whether it’s augmented reality effects, filters, or even popular music, these elements can significantly enhance your reels.

Utilize them to their greatest potential to quickly capture people’s attention. Remember that reels are brief video formats, and you must maintain interest from the first second. You can easily lose people’s interest if you fail to capture their attention.

Collaborate with companies and influencers

You can collaborate with brands to advertise their products and services in your distinctive manner. Because this is a paid promotion, you will also have the opportunity to demonstrate the product in real-time. This is an excellent method to establish credibility for your online identity and foster trust among your followers.

You can also cooperate with other influencers to provide unexpected crossovers to your audiences. This is accomplished through the reels’ Remix feature. Video marketing continues to reign supreme, and you should embrace it while organic reach is at an all-time high.


Reels’ Remix tool is an excellent method to interact with and work with other users. You can use their video and accompany it with a parallel video of you playing. Individuals who perform comedy have made extensive use of this capability and will do so in the future. This is a creative method to utilize social media videos and interact with other app users and their material.

Tags & Hashtags That Are Relevant

Simply because it is a new feature does not mean that Instagram has abandoned its more established features. Hashtags and tagging related accounts will quickly garner the momentum you require and remain relevant in the future.

You can tag individuals or brands directly in your video, and the marked accounts will almost certainly respond. This is also an excellent approach to be identified by firms that are generally interested in influencer marketing.

Promote your business on Instagram Story and IGTV.

You can create reels to serve as a brief introduction to your IGTV material. This is an excellent strategy to retain viewers on your channel and keep them there for an extended period. If your videos are sufficiently compelling, people may also look at other stuff. This manner, you may increase the number of time users spends on your channel.

Promoting your reels through all social media channels is critical and can make all the difference. The majority of people are active on at least one social media platform. This means that if you promote on several platforms, your visibility will rise.


As with Reels, several trends emerge from time to time. You should follow these trends and create videos in which you demonstrate how to execute them. Whether it’s a dance challenge or a video challenge, capitalizing on current trends to grow your following is an excellent approach to expand your reach.

These trends influence youth Culture, and you might develop a following among them. The number of social media followers are under 30 years old and interested in these trends.

Utilization of Social Media and Influencer Marketing Programs Numerous brands also have their social media and influencer marketing initiatives. It is recommended that you engage in these programs and pay opportunities. Demonstrating what you have to offer is excellent, but being compensated for it sweetens the deal.

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