How to Test Seamless Tubes and Pipes to Ensure Quality Standards 

Many industries use seamless tubes and pipes because these offer reliability. These pipes and tubes are durable, corrosion-resistant, and resistant to high pressure and temperatures. However, unless the pipes go through a rigorous testing procedure, manufacturers cannot release them in the market. The reliability of the pipes can be ensured only through proper testing.  

Efficient and reputable pipe providers use multiple testing processes to ensure the pipes pass all these tests. When the pipes pass these tests, they know that they can work efficiently in any situation.  

Here we have penned down four methods that most trustworthy pipe producers use to test their products.  

Ultrasonic testing: 

As you can understand from the name, the testing method involves using ultrasonic pulses or waves to test the quality of the pipes. The method is non-destructive. The ultrasonic pulses simply help to identify whether there is any flaw in the seamless tubes.  

Manufacturers test the pipes by assessing the difference that the acoustic characteristics of the pipes produce. Once they can detect the flaws, pipe suppliers can use an even more extensive method to identify the root cause. On the other hand, they can also rectify the issue, if minor, before testing the pipes again.  

Magnetic flux testing: 

The magnetic flux testing method involves magnetization of the surface of the pipes. However, since most pipe suppliers use stainless steel to produce seamless piping solutions, they cannot magnetize the surface. Instead, they can apply a coat or layer of metal with magnetic properties on the outer surface.  

Then pipe producers pass an electrical signal through the hollow of the pipes. The magnetized coat on the outer surface of pipes reacts to the electrical signal going through the inner surface of the pipes. Thus, seamless tube manufacturers can identify the problems and eradicate them.  

Magnetic particle testing: 

Another testing method that involves the use of magnetic properties is magnetic particle testing. Manufacturers create a magnetic field on the surface of the tubes. They apply a magnetic powder on the surface so that it reacts when pipe providers pass magnetic current through the pipes.  

If there is any crack or leakage in the pipes, it will create a magnetic flux. The powder will reveal the flawed areas because it will escape through the gaps. Thus, pipe fabricators can identify the source of the problem and repair it.  

Magnetic particle testing is especially helpful in identifying cracks or defects in the inner surface of the pipes. It is difficult to identify cracks in the inner surface of the pipes without magnetic particles escaping from the gaps.  

The eddy current testing: 

The most common and effective way to test the quality of seamless tubes and pipes is to conduct eddy current testing. Manufacturers can identify faults in the pipes in bulk. Besides, it is also the most potent testing method that almost all pipe fabricators choose. To test the thermal expansion of the large caliber seamless piping solutions, pipe suppliers need a powerful method.  

They use probes in the eddy current testing method. The ultrasonic flow of current helps the manufacturers to identify any longitudinal defects. The eddy current testing method provides faster and more accurate results than any other method.  


The four methods mentioned above are the most common testing procedure for seamless tubes. While most manufacturers follow these procedures, some pipe suppliers choose more extensive testing methods to identify minute errors.  

Users should always purchase seamless tubing and piping solutions from manufacturers who test their products vigorously. Testing ensures that the pipes meet industry standards and are flawless. Thus, the pipes become safe to use.  

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