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How Bird Canopy is Helping to Save Singapore’s Birds

Singapore is a beautiful city-state with a rich biodiversity that is home to many unique and endangered species of Bird. Unfortunately, many of these birds are at risk due to habitat loss and other environmental factors. That’s where Bird Canopy comes in.

The Problem

As Singapore continues to develop, more and more natural habitats for birds are being destroyed. This has led to a decline in bird populations across the country, with many species facing extinction. This is not just a problem for the birds themselves, but for the entire ecosystem that relies on them.

The Solution

Bird Canopy is a company that is dedicated to protecting Singapore’s birds. They do this in a number of ways, including:

  • Building birdhouses and nesting boxes to provide safe habitats for birds.
  • Conducting research on bird behavior and ecology to better understand their needs.
  • Advocating for bird-friendly policies and practices in urban planning.

Success Stories

Bird Canopy has already had a significant impact on bird conservation in Singapore. For example, they have successfully reintroduced the critically endangered Oriental Pied Hornbill to the city-state after it had disappeared for decades. They have also helped to increase the population of the globally endangered Straw-headed Bulbul through targeted conservation efforts.

Future Directions

As Singapore continues to grow and develop, the work of Bird Canopy will only become more important. The company is currently working on a number of projects, including:

  • Establishing more bird-friendly habitats across the city-state.
  • Conducting more research on bird behavior and ecology to better understand their needs.
  • Partnering with other organizations to advocate for bird conservation on a larger scale.


Bird Canopy is an invaluable resource for bird conservation in Singapore. Through their innovative and dedicated work, they are helping to protect some of the most unique and endangered species of birds in the world. By supporting their efforts, we can all play a role in ensuring that these beautiful creatures continue to thrive for generations to come.

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