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Gemstones: Reasons You Should Consider Wearing Panna or Emerald Stone?

Emerald or Panna gem stone are observed in Vedic crystal gazing in view of its lovely recuperating forces. This valuable gemstone that is a secondary of a mineral known as Beryl, appears in an engaging green shade and has a huge sized exhibit of medical advantages. Well known as Panna, the gemstone is linked to prophetic planet Mercury or even Buddha. You can find this gemstone at Khannagems and ensure you have a quality one!

Actually, you know what, before you get a gemstone, there is much about emerald gemstone that you must know about and you definitely are going to love it. Certainly , you can actually find the finest quality gemstones when you want one.  Now, if you are not sure about who can wear this gemstone and how it can help then this post is going to give you a good level of understanding.

It is a Birthstone

In case you are the one who has born in the month of May then you can choose to wear panna stone. It is the birthstone of the native who were born in the month of May. So, if you born in this month then you must know that this stunning and lively green color bright green is your birthstone.

The perks panna stone has for you!

Many people have undergone the power of panna stone after wearing it. In case you also want to feel the difference in your life then you should definitely own the right panna or emerald stone. After all, you would not wish to miss out on the benefits of this stone, right? Anyhow, there are numerous perks of wearing panna stone and a few would be:

Enhanced level of your Concentration 

In case you are weak at your studies or work and experience the problem of concentrating then you must wear this amazing stone.  Panna stone enhances the intelligence and concentration power of the wearer, mainly the student. It is one stone that directly influence the grasping power of people and assists them to do well performance in exams. Certainly, whether you are running a business, are a student or even work in an office; this gemstone can help you enhance your concentration levels.

The zodiac of this stone 

Well, mercury is the ruling planet of emerald. Gemini and even Virgo ruled by Mercury; hence , panna is the simple gemstone for such zodiac signs. If you are a person who took birth between the dates of 21st May to that of 20th June and 21st August to even 20th September then you can definitely consider wearing this tempting green stunning stone for advancement in your life.

Boost your art side 

This is a great gemstone for the natives who work in the profession or even creative area of art. In case you wish to make your career in music, fashion designing, even writing, painting, and interior designing etc, you should wear panna stone as it definitely is a stone of Mercury planet. It is believed that Panna stone assists the wearer to fetch you new ideas and inventions. With the help of this stone, being the wearer, you can definitely beat the competition.

In other words , being the owner of panna stone, you can definitely see a boost in your creativity, linguistic skills, and also that of artistic talents. You are also going to be able to  imagine and innovate in a much more effective manner after wearing this type of wonderful gemstone. Hence , if you require to work with ideas can immensely benefit from this gemstone.

Polished communication 

Panna or emerald stone is even considered as communication stone. This stone assists the people who wear it to express their views and thoughts in a better manner. Leaders, even managers, public speakers, and even team leaders etc may actually wear this Panna stone to taste success in life. The amazing power and vibes of this stone augments the power of the leader and even speaker. You might impress others with your robust words and thoughts. You can confidently clear the interview with this stunning stone. The stone is definitely going to work on your communication skills and hence you can excel at this. 

Healing powers 

The panna stone even has healing powers. In case you are suffering from allergies, even respiratory diseases, skin related matters , and nervous disorders, you must wear Panna gemstone. It is known as a wonderful gemstone for the person who is suffering from speech challenges issues. Indeed, this Panna stone is popular to help you in handling speech related challenges, allergies, nervous disorders, and respiratory related ailments.  

Augment Your Intelligence 

Once you wear the Panna stone, it ends up in intellectual progress as intelligence is the area of Lord Mercury – The Ruler of this wonderful gemstone. This planet helps you derive a balanced sort of perspective, gives you enhanced grasping power thereby getting a better understanding of life and even its overall experiences. In case you are therefore passionate for a superior intellect, you can count on the powers of this stone. After all, the gemstone is going to refine your intelligence level and even get you better level of intellect for sure.

Emotionally balanced lifestyle 

It is right time that you sun away all kinds of emotional toxicity by selecting the Panna stone. In case you have undergone bad personal experiences and have felt somewhat betrayed or cheated then you must definitely seek guidance from an expert on the usage of this Emerald gemstone. This stone could actually help you heal your heart and even empower the soul. You will feel better and might felt assisted in figuring out a perfect path out of that toxic feeling. Sometimes, when you cannot control your emotions, they simply ruin your routine and life. So, when a gemstone like emerald can help you balance it, do wear it.


To sum up, since you have a good level of understanding of emerald gemstone, it is time that you wear one. You may find it one of the best decisions you took in life!

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