Embed YouTube Videos On Website Using These Best Tools

Embed YouTube Videos

If we think of social media content, we just cannot ignore the significance of visuals, especially videos. While text-based content has its own relevance and needs to be leveraged by brands. Businesses to the best of their ability, the engagement of the audience increase tremendously when video content is used. 

When we think about videos, the first platform that comes to mind is YouTube. The users of this platform invest more than billions of hours watching videos every day! Massive? Isn’t it? 

Being the most highly used social media platform in the world, YouTube offers a pool of amazing content to brands that can be included in their marketing efforts. 

The most highly leveraged strategy adopted by brands lately is to embed YouTube videos on the website

With over 2 billion monthly users logged in, there is a high possibility that the users. Post content around brands and how much they enjoyed the products. Further, by embedding the videos on marketing touchpoints like websites, you can tremendously upscale your business profits by increasing conversions. 

Wondering how that can happen? In this post, we are going to tell you about the best tools that can be used to embed YouTube videos seamlessly into your website. 

Let’s get started!

Taggbox Widget 

Taggbox widget is a highly responsive and amazing social media aggregation tool that lets the users aggregate, curate, and embed social media content on the website including YouTube. Hence, for aggregating the content, the users can select the connection type i.e.- aggregate content by typing a channel, keyword, etc. 

After aggregating the videos, the users can improve the effectiveness of the YouTube widget by choosing a wide range of customization options like fonts, colors, layouts, templates, and various other styling options. 

The content moderation panel allows the users to remove anything that is objectionable and may tarnish the reputation of the brand. 

Once the YouTube widget is embedded on the website, the users can leverage it. The advanced analytics of the platform to get insights into details like the total number of clicks. The total number of likes, engagement levels, overall impressions, etc. 

Taggbox believes in providing the best assistance to its users. Hence it has an active back-support team that is super prompt. It helps the users solve their queries or assists them if they come across any hindrance or issue while using the platform till the time it is resolved. 


The second tool on the list is Tagembed. Tagembed is again a social media aggregator tool that lets the users aggregate, curate and embed content from all social media networks including Tagembed. 

Although, this comprehensive platform offers a wide range of features to its users for improving the efficiency of the YouTube widget. Users can leverage the customization features of the platform to make it more visually appealing. The platform also offers a content moderation panel to monitor the content before publishing it. 


Juicer is another social media aggregation platform that enables users to aggregate videos from YouTube and embed them into the website. Additionally, the users get the option to customize the YouTube widget as per their personal preferences and choices. The users can also use the content moderation panel to remove any such content that is inappropriate and objectionable. 

Overall, the embedding procedure is extremely quick and easy. The users can sign up for a free account and immediately start the embed process. The tool also offers advanced analytics to its users. One of the major highlights of the tool. That you can customize the embedded code and directly embed YouTube videos on the website. 


Stackla is another platform that offers a range of UGC widgets including YouTube widgets. Additionally, the tool offers galleries that are content-rich and can easily be accessed on mobile phones. 

Furthermore, the users get an option to customize the widget choosing from a wide range of out-of-the-box styles. The users have the ability to style a design of their preferred choices by leveraging the built-in styling tools. 

Embed Social 

Embed social is another exceptional tool that enables users to generate and embed YouTube videos seamlessly on the website. By generating and pasting a code, you will be able to display the feeds on your website. 

Additionally, embed social gives its users the ability to aggregate the videos using channels or playlists. 

Closing Note 

YouTube is a massive platform with an enormous amount of interesting videos that can be used by brands for increasing their marketing efforts. Also, the video marketing industry got massive success after Youtube. Now, there are many applications and software available in the market where you can edit and create stunning videos in no time. Mobile apps like videomaker for business, Inshot, Filmora are very useful for beginners.

Being a platform with such diverse content, embedding videos on the website has the potential to add diversity to your website. Additionally, they work amazingly to increase the engagement levels of your website visitors. Increase their dwell time on your website, and convert them using the power of moving content. 

To attain the aforementioned and more, all you need to do is select the tool that fits your needs and get embedding! 

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