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Core Keeper: 6 Best Skills, Ranked

Core Keeper lets players level up their skills to get great traits, and these are the best ones to get.

Core Keeper has been one of the best survival sandbox games since it came out two years ago. The game’s style, mood, and animation have won praise for the company that made it, Pugstorm.

Core Keeper is often compared to Dungeon Keeper, which came out in 1997. It takes players on an underground trip that is often surprisingly scary. Style-wise and mechanically, the game is similar to popular sandbox games like Minecraft. Players start their trip in the Core chamber, which is deep in the heart of many underground caverns that they explore and mine as the game goes on. In the game, players also focus on crafting, cooking, running, and, when things get stressful, fighting. Not surprisingly, the game gets easier as a person gains more skills. Here are some of the best skills a Core Keeper player can get.

Unbreakable Keeps The Armor Strong In Times Of Low Health

When a player has very little health left, this Tier 4 crafting skill can literally save their lives. When a player is low on health, the Unbreakable skill gives them an extra 6% armor.

Even though 6% doesn’t seem like much, the ability can be used as low as 30% health. At 30%, many players will still have enough in their tanks to fully recover and finish the job with the help of a reliable armor boost. Jewelry Crafter, the other Tier 4 skill in Crafting, is also very useful. It helps players make more polished things at the craft bench. But since Unbreakable can make the difference between life and death in combat, it’s easy to say that it’s the most important of the making skills in this exciting sandbox game.

Pick And Run! Keeps Players Moving Fast Through The Dangerous Mine

As the name suggests, this Tier 4 mining skill is useful for speeding up when a miner wants to leave quickly. Once a wall has been broken, this skill makes the player move 4% faster in this exciting underground version of an open world game.

Even better, players who fully level up this useful skill can get a speed boost of up to 20%. Overall, this is a skill that is always useful and always comes in handy as players move around the map. Unsurprisingly, the speed makes it much easier for a person to move around, making map travel much faster. Along with the Archeologist skill, Pick and Run! is the highest level of mining and learning that a player can reach during Drift Boss.

Breaking Barriers Is A Must For Speed And Defense

When it comes to speed, Breaking Barriers is one of the best running skills players can get. The Tier 4 running skill improves both speed and protection.

With this ability, players can improve their armor while also increasing their speed by up to 5% per rank. This makes the player character both better at defending themselves and better at using their time, so it’s a useful skill that can be used in a lot of different situations. Encumbering Presence, a Tier 4 neighbor skill, is useful for slowing down the enemy, but Breaking Barriers is more fun and satisfying because it focuses on making the player character better.

Strength Of The Ancients Lives Up To Its Epic Name

Boss fights are no laughing matter, which makes this melee combat ability a useful tool for players who want to get the job done. With each rank, players get an extra 4% of power they can use against bosses.

Some of the boss fights are likely to be stressful for a lot of players. Whether the boss in question is just too strong or the best way to take them down isn’t clear, there are a lot of things that can go wrong in this regard and cause players to lose progress. When players max out this useful attacking skill, boss fights become, as expected, much faster and easier to deal with. The other Tier 4 skill for melee fighting, “Seething Blade,” is a lot more of a gamble. At first, players only have a 10% chance of getting back 1% of their health. Overall, Strength of the Ancients is the better choice for the action-packed fight moments.

Amplified Precision Greatly Boosts Long Range Combat

Amplified Precision is a dangerous way to increase the damage a player can do from a long distance. The ability gives players the chance to increase their critical damage by 8%.

When it’s totally ranked up, that 8% becomes a huge 40%, which completely changes the way a battle looks when it’s used. Amplified Precision, which is a Tier 4 ability for ranged combat, is one of the most dangerous skills a player can learn. Compared to Focused Accuracy, Amplified Precision seems to be the best talent for ranged fighting that players can get. Focused Accuracy is mostly useful for players who need to stay still when shooting at long range. It is useful, but not as useful as Amplified Precision in all situations.

Cheat Death Keeps Players Alive Regardless Of Low Health

What this Tier 4 vitality skill can do for players is pretty clear from the name. This ability is like a “get out of jail free” card that can be used by people who have been killed.

For every fatal hit a player takes, they don’t lose, but instead get back 2% of the health they lost. But that 2% goes up with every rank upgrade, making this one of the most useful and possibly game-changing skills players can get. The other side of the Tier Four health scale, which is not Cheat Death, is just not as good. Protection of Ancients makes bosses take 3% less damage, which is helpful but not as important as what Cheat Death does for the main character.

Core Keeper is now out for the PC.

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