Canadian Immigration: Big changes set for NOC in 2022

Canadian Immigration

Canadian Immigration , Refugees and Citizenship Canada, Statistics Canada, and Employment and Social Development Canada recently indicated that significant revisions to the National Occupation Classification are in the works. ESDC and Statistic Canada make structural modifications to the system every ten years and content updates every five years as part of the departments’ ongoing effort to improve the system. If you are planning to go to Canada, then you must look for Immigration Consultants in Chandigarh.

Those candidates for skilled workers and temporary foreign employees must show their work experience, which should meet the NOC requirements of the program to which they are applying. There are several visa consultants in Chandigarh for Canada with whom you can consult.

Rules that have been updated in NOC 2021

Every ten years, the federal government updates the NOC system to reflect changes in the job market and the Canadian economy.As a result, Statistics Canada and Employment and Social Development Canadian Immigration have released NOC 2021, which will completely overhaul the system. Late in 2022, the adjustments are scheduled to take place. The reason for this is that the federal government wants Immigration Applicants and stakeholders to learn more about the NOC 2021 and its implications before it goes into force.

 NOC B represents jobs in the skilled trades or a college diploma. NOC C means jobs requiring intermediate skills or job-specific training.

Know about NOC’s Function

To acquire a clear view of the country’s labor market, establish skills development programs, and perform critical Canadian Immigration research, IRCC adopted the NOC system to classify job activities in Canada into numerous categories. When it comes to handling immigration and foreign worker programs, the NOC is vital. Temporary foreign workers and skilled worker candidates must usually demonstrate their work experience by the NOC requirements of the programs they are applying to.

What influence will immigrants and international employees have?

NOC 2021 has minimal to no influence on many immigration and foreign worker candidates. The adjustments, on the other hand, will benefit some candidates while harming others. Because their employment experience has been reclassified, some may now be eligible for other programs. Others may lose their eligibility due to the same reason. As their work experience will continue to match the eligibility criteria for their preferred Canadian Immigration or foreign worker program, notwithstanding changes to the NOC, they will be able to apply.

Final thoughts

After extensive research, analysis, and examination of the Canadian economy, NOC 2021 was born. It will implement a new six-category system based on the level of TEER (Training, Education, Experience, and Responsibilities) required entering each occupation. A five-tier hierarchical framework will be used to categorize vocations in NOC 2021.

NOC 2021 will classify occupations using a five-tier hierarchical framework. Instead of the present four-digit system, occupations will henceforth be coded with a five-digit system. The Canadian immigration system relies heavily on the National Occupational Classification (NOC). It serves as the country’s official occupational reference and aids in immigrating skilled workers and temporary foreign workers.

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