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How Can Live Streaming on Social Media Benefit Your Brand In 2023

According to statistics, 53% of businesses stream or broadcast live video at least once every week. And why won’t they? Evidently, live streaming is genuine, interesting, and, let’s face it, a little exciting. Not making the most out of this trend means not benefiting from this opportunity to interact, engage, and connect with clients on a more personal level on social media. 

Your brand can get a competitive edge and advantage over rivals if it understands how a live stream to multiple social media platforms can help them. With commercialization, especially for the next-generation customers, brands that adopt it early will always stay on edge. 

  1. Significant For Establishing Brand Prominence

Information technology, which has declining prices, accelerating performance, and exponential market penetration, is the foundation of this marketing strategy. Live streaming was a practical choice for firms that adopted it early ten years ago. 

They would connect with their user base while using desktop PCs to view. Live video streaming is now practically necessary for growing brands. Your audience can connect via mobile devices, which today offer greater media performance than desktop computers 10 years ago. 

Moreover, the best social media live-streaming platform now helps firms be more streamlined than before. Your brand might reach millions of potential clients at no expense via a live stream. It conveniently connects with a variety of hardware platforms. 

It works seamlessly with many media channels, including YouTube Live, Facebook Live, and LinkedIn. So, no doubt leveraging a social media streaming platform has immense cost-free potential for your brand exposure. 

  1. Direct Engagement

Thanks to live streams, today, you can witness two-way communication between the brand and its target audience. As the host, you can share any information during the show. At the same time, viewers can comment or offer questions, which you can respond to immediately. 

Moreover, in the comment section or during a live chat, your online audience can engage with one another. So, you let the audience have fun by going live on social media. Also, you let them take advantage of the chance to request product recommendations or evaluations from your existing consumers. 

Nevertheless, there’s more to live streaming on social media. Imagine if each and every spectator at an Apple presentation had a front-row seat. A sensation of a crowd is created through live chat and other interactive features that you may incorporate in your live stream. 

In addition, using the proper TikTok hashtags, writing interesting Instagram captions, and ensuring that your Facebook audience is the correct one are all necessary for success when it comes to social media. However, with good audio and video, each audience member feels the contact is much more direct or intimate. 

  1. Leveraging Secure Video Conferencing Tools For Engagement

When using social streaming apps, ensure it comes with safe and secure video conferencing tools for seamless online engagement. This is where OnTheFly and its integration with the GDPR-compliant video conferencing tool come to aid. 

Companies may provide smooth, end-to-end encrypted live streaming by including the API and SDK from OnTheFly in software applications or websites. 

Most importantly, all OnTheFly’s social media streaming services are hosted in the EU, guaranteeing respect for data privacy laws to the letter. Companies may interact with their audiences thanks to the ‘next-level’ security without endangering their security or privacy. 

You’ll enjoy the best social media live-streaming experience by leveraging such secure and effective approaches. From enhanced brand visibility to a boost in audience engagement, your brand will benefit from it all.

The powerful and robust video conferencing technology at OnTheFly has set a new benchmark for every live-streaming social media platform in terms of online audience management. This tool lets brands like yours organize live events in a streamlined, secure, and interactive way. 

By incorporating the GDPR-compliant video conferencing API from OnTheFly, your brand can revolutionize the concept of live streaming. This will open up new interaction opportunities and help you forge better, more intimate connections with your viewers. 

  1. Audience Management

The ability of the event organizers to control the audience during live-stream events is exceptional. Based on the live stream configuration, moderators can help the hosts select the best queries from the audience beforehand. 

This guarantees the most fruitful Q&A sessions possible on any presentation platform. The audience’s behavior is not as tightly regulated in real-world events as in social media platforms with live streaming and webinars. 

Compared to staged programs/events with audiences in front, live stream sessions save you from any interruption from the digital audience.  Live streaming software gives users more control without sacrificing spontaneity in their presentation. 

  1. Strong Sales Conversions

Compared to other events, live-streaming events can increase sales conversions. Live streaming is very profitable for companies that provide eCommerce goods and services. Your live-streamed event can quickly generate significant sales if promotional offers are seamlessly integrated into it. 

Furthermore, a social live-streaming platform can be useful for content marketing throughout the buyer’s journey. Freshly engaging your audience will enable you to establish new business prospects. 

  1. Value That Persists

The best times of your life can occur at any time. What if you could easily edit and reuse the moments you caught for sales and other promotional materials because you always filmed every presentation in high-quality video? 

Indeed, a large turnout of the audience is desirable. However, things could be better if you ensure everyone is attending and enjoying the event the same way as others. 

It is simple to relive all the events during a live stream when live video is included in streaming software. All the memorable events that can and do occur in the present in unplanned circumstances have been preserved in their entirety. 

  1. Know Your Audience On a Much Deeper Level

Live streaming generates crucial market information about your audience and performance that is otherwise difficult to gauge or measure. 

You can easily incorporate communication channels with your audience during a live-streamed event that would be expensive or nearly difficult to implement in any other setting, such as real-time opinion polls and accurate viewer participation statistics. 

Half the crowd might be passively watching a live event, and you wouldn’t know how to measure that. However, viewers’ attention spans in live broadcasts are far more apparent. It’s possible that you might get inquiries like these: 

  • Was there a difference in the number of viewers at the start and finish of my presentation? If so, how much more so? 
  • What portions do people check for when they replay my presentation? 
  • What did people think of my presentation? 

These elements specific to live streaming can give you important feedback about how your audience feels about the material you are performing in a clear and simple manner that is impossible with any other presenting technique. 


So, with this all-inclusive guide, now you know the importance of live streaming on social media platforms and how it can benefit emerging brands like yours. Keeping these live-streaming benefits on social media in mind, start your journey with a professional service provider like OnTheFly today! 

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John konars
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