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American Football Jersey

A Brief History of the American Football Jersey, Like in many other sports, players of American football started wearing their ordinary clothes, but they tried to dress in coordinating colors. This uniting factor soon became apparent and in the 20th century, manufacturers started producing uniforms that provided better protection, primarily because this sport is played outdoors. Thick wool, cotton and leather were used to keep players warm, while at the same time giving them additional layer of armor.

The situation drastically changed when the games started being televised, in the 60’s. More creative and colorful uniforms were designed and logos were introduced, such as the famous San Diego Chargers’ lightning bolt. Other teams were famous for the color of their uniform, as was the case with the Denver Broncos and their renowned intense orange. The situation hasn’t changed much since then in a sense that more focus is being paid to the design of uniforms for the aforementioned reasons.

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John konars
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