7 Ways to Boost Natural Light—and Make Your Home Look Brighter

7 Ways to Boost Natural Light

Do you want to make your Home Look brighter with natural light? There are a few things a home simply can’t have too much space, storage and sunlight. And while you can’t increase the square footage of your home without taking on a major renovation. There are some easy decorating and cleaning tricks that can make your home look brighter. Now apartments, flats and villas in Kottayam are available with more eco-friendly options by getting natural lights to the rooms.

Incorporating some strategically placed mirrors, choosing the best wall paint. Finding the right window treatments can all help increase the natural sunlight in your home look brighter. One added bonus of bouncing more sunlight around a room: more light can actually make the space feel bigger. Try some of the tips below to make your home feel bigger and brighter—without the reno.

Natural light in a home is always better than artificial light. It bathes your room in a rich full spectrum hue that light bulbs can only hope to duplicate. It increases your body’s feel-good serotonin levels. Best of all, natural light will not come due at the end of the month with the power bill. It’s free.

Many homes in Kerala were not built with natural light. Short of picking up your house and turning it in the direction of the sun—or altogether relocating it to a sunnier location. There are a few remodel projects you can do that significantly increase interior natural light.


Shiny surfaces

Go glossy in your kitchen and bathroom with shiny surfaces on units. Again this will reflect light filtering into the room and make the space look brighter and bigger.

Charles Bettes, managing director of architecture and interior design practice, glad London ltd, explains that when it comes to the kitchen, ‘opt for a light colour scheme. And keep it consistent through walls and cabinet doors. This will make natural light reflect off the surface and make it feel more spacious.

‘You don’t necessarily have to go for white or cream; any pales, such as blues or greys work equally well,’ he says.’

In other rooms, adding furniture and accessories with a reflective surface can help diffuse light. Metallic, glass and mirrored accessories can all help to make the most of the light available. Add stylish touches throughout the home.


Don’t forget the impact that the greenery outside your home can have on the light levels inside. Turn your attention to your garden and trim any trees, bushes or climbing plants that are growing around.

Use Lighter, Brighter Interior Wall and Ceiling Paints

Painting walls and ceilings white or another light colour may seem like an easy way to add more light. Consider these tips:

  • Your best bet: Interior wall colour is the number one way to reflect natural light back into your room. Light Reflectance Value can range from near to 100-percent for pure white down to close to 0-per cent for black. All colours in-between will have greater or lesser LRV.
  • White is the brightest: Nothing is brighter than white. If you really don’t like white but really want more light, look into whites with some other colour tones; white comes in a huge range of subtly different shades.
  • Ceilings are important: Most ceilings are white for a reason: White reflects light. And since ceilings often go unnoticed when surveying a room’s decor, there’s no design penalty for going with white. Flat white is preferred over glossier sheens because a matte finish reduces glare, and ceilings. Don’t need the washability of glossier paint because they don’t get touched regularly as walls and trim do.

Turn Your Walls Into Mirrors With Higher Gloss Paint

“The higher the gloss level,” notes paint manufacturer Sherwin-Williams. “The higher the light reflectance–more light will bounce off a surface painted with a high gloss paint than one with a matte sheen.”

In other words, by using glossier paint for your walls, you give them a mirror-like effect. And as everyone knows, mirrors reflect light.

This does not mean that you must use high-gloss paint, though you can if you wish. It means going one notch up in a glossier direction. So, if you love matte, try eggshell. If you love eggshell sheen, try semi-gloss. If you have a remarkably dark room, you consider glossy paint for your walls, even though it is not typically used on walls. Just be aware that more gloss means more glare from strong light, especially artificial light.

 Install Skylights in Your Ceiling

Skylights are an amazingly effective way of pulling in natural light. In fact, skylights are called windows for the roof. Not only do skylights present as much glazing area as a medium-sized window. But they also face upward, where the sun is located.

Skylights bring in more consistent light than most windows. Because skylights are less likely to be shadowed by outdoor objects. And sunlight reflected off of clouds comes right into the house.


Having an abundance of natural light is an integral part of any interior space. It instils both mindfulness and enhances physical wellbeing. Adapting a few minor changes can uplift the entire setting of a gloomy room into a bright & lively space.

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