7 Best Shows on Amazon Prime Video to Watch In Your Free Time

Amazon Prime Video is emerging as one of the trending online streaming services for watching movies and TV shows. The service has released a lot of original movies and TV shows that have become a global phenomenon. Shows such as The Boys and the Fleabag are now loved all over the world by the fans.  

If you are new to the Amazon Prime Video online streaming service and you are looking for some original shows recommendations, then you are at the right place.  

Here are some of the most popular shows on Amazon Prime Video that you need to check out in your free times 

  1. Tales from the Loop (2020 – Cont.) 

Tales from the Loop is a sci-fi thriller that features a small town where weird things happen. This series stands out in terms of soundtracks and the overall cinematography.  

Tales from the Loop is not like any other show with a small town where weird incidents take place. It contains a deeper and darker message that you just don’t find in most shows that walk along the same lines.  

  1. The Feed (2019) 

If you are a fan of the Black Mirror, you are going to love this movie. This movie features a story about technology going wrong. But it presents the story in a unique way with an interesting take on the subject. This movie is available on free streaming services such as the movierulz plz as well.  

The Feed features renowned actors and awesome visuals that would keep you occupied for the entire runtime.  

  1. The Wilds (2020 – Cont.) 

The Wilds is another Amazon Prime Video original TV series that started in 2020. The first installment of the show ended in quite an interesting way. This is why the fans are quite excited about what this show has to bring to the table for the next season.  

The show takes many dark turns and there are many ups and downs along the way. The story is quite interesting that features a group of teenage girls getting stranded on a deserted island.  

  1. Informer (2018) 

The Informer is a British series and is great for people who love the secret operation stuff. The story features a counterterrorism office that is given the task to infiltrate a far-right movement in Yorkshire. The story of this series is quite interesting and is well-executed. 

  1. Sneaky Pete (2015 – 2019) 

This movie features a con man who is free from jail. The con man is then chased by a gangster that he once did wrong. The con man takes on a new identity, trying to save himself from the gang that is chasing him.  

The show features some world-class actors, and the visuals are top of the line as well. This series contains drama as well as comedy. 

  1. Fleabag (2016 – 2019) 

Fleabag is a popular British series that mostly leans on the comedy side. The series contains emotional as well as humorous scenes that won’t let you stop watching the show.  

Fleabag features a light storyline and explores the lives of ordinary humans. This is what makes the Fleabag such a special show. Aside from this show, you can watch cartoon shows available on kisscartoon on Amazon Prime Video as well. The  

  1. The Boys (2019 – Cont.) 

The Boys follows the story of antihero vigilantes who are up against artificially made superheroes loved by people from all over the world. The show explores the dark side of superhero culture and explains how power can make you lose control.  

This series contains a lot of violence so parental guidance is required for this movie. Still, the show has been going great and it has amassed huge popularity ever since its release.  

Final Words 

Amazon Prime Video has announced many exciting shows and new seasons for many of its series. So, there is a lot to expect from the future of this streaming service.  

So, if you are tired of watching popular shows on other streaming services and you want to try something new, Amazon Prime Video is here for you.  

Check out the Amazon Prime Video shows we have talked about here and let us know what you think about them in the comments.  

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