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7 Bathroom Interior Ideas to Revamp in 2022

We all want clean and beautiful bathrooms. We spend a huge part of our day in the bathrooms so why not make it a beautiful and mindful experience. Here are some of the tips as to how to do it. 

1.Add colours to your bathroom

Traditionally we all have been somehow limited to putting light colours like white, beige, brown etc in the bathrooms. But adding other colours can also give an amazing interior look to the bathroom. More than one colour can also be used. Colours like dark green, grey,  yellow, pink can also be used for the bathroom tiles

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2.Add soothing lights

Instead of adding the same lights in the bathroom like the rest of the house, add yellow lights to the bathroom. Don’t choose a dark light, as of course you don’t want to fall down in the bathroom. Choose lights with bright visibility and a soothing effect. 

3.Add artistic element in the bathroom interiors

We can always consider putting some antique beautiful sculptures in the room. That will just give so much aesthetics feel in the bathroom. Put a flower vase in the bathroom with some beautiful flowers which you can change according to your mood and availability. Leave a candle corner to light some candles according to your mood. After a long day when you enter the bathroom, light up some candles and freshen up, it can really give relief to your mood. 

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4.Add pebbles

Adding pebbles to the bathroom can give your bathroom an outside effect. You can add pebbles near the washbasin or below the bathtub. If you are really looking be play creative with pebbles, you can put plenty of pebbles around the bath tube or dedicate on the whole corner for the pebbles. 

5.Indoor plants 

Why just limit indoor plants to the rooms of the house? You can also put plants in the bathroom of the house. Put it near the washbasin or behind the bathtub. You can also just put a plant in any corner of the bathroom.

6.Add huge mirrors

As we are all used to having a small mirror in the bathroom near the washbasin, putting huge mirrors in the bathroom can feel a little intimate. But also it can make the bathroom feel bigger. It can give a rich look to the bathroom. 

7.Vintage feels

If you are an old school human, this idea is for you. You can start with adding vintage colours in the bathroom and golden oxidized taps. Candles and curtains can work wonders for achieving vintage vibes. Also, you can vintage mirrors with embroidery borders. Embroidery can be used to enhance the richness of the look. It can be used for the ceilings or the walls. Use curtains and towels with vintage embroidery in them.

While we spend so much time thinking about the interiors of other rooms, we limit ourselves to some designs for the bathrooms. But it should not be the case. We can put our creativity in the bathroom too and make the time we spend in the bathroom a mindful experience.

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