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5 TikTok Tactics To Level Up Your Engagement In 2022

TikTok is the name where no one can say that they are unaware. That’s how much TikTok is famous now! It surpassed the leading social media networks like Snapchat, Pinterest, etc., and secured sixth place globally. Almost around 20.83% of the world’s population is using TikTok. It expects to gain more growth and limitless popularity in the upcoming years. 

Although people have been using this creative social media platform in recent years and many are still puzzled about how to boost engagement on TikTok. At some point, marketers or creators may feel clueless about how to go with the recent trends, tricks, or tactics. It is pretty common! In these times, you can use the tiktok likes counter to check the engagement status of your previous videos by seeing the like counts. So, to get rid of your worries, this article will provide you with some brainstorming ideas to increase your engagement in TikTok. Let’s get started!

Reasonable Engagement Rate On TikTok

Every marketer is working on improvising their videos for a higher engagement rate. As per reports, a healthy engagement rate on TikTok can range from 4.5 to 18%. However, it is impossible to gain the same engagement rate for every content. In some cases, even the creators with smaller followers may have a higher engagement rate and vice versa. So, let us look at some exciting tips to level up audience engagement through your videos.

Strategies To Boost Engagement

For You Page

Always keep an eye on the for you page of TikTok. It will provide you with trending videos and hashtags. Videos placed on the for you page drive more traffic and attention among the audience. So if you have a regular follow-up on the ‘for you page,’ it is easy to top the trend. In addition, there are more chances of getting featured on the ‘for you page’ when you pay attention to engagement strategies for your videos. 

Frequent And Engaging Posts 

Several marketers with their experience said that when consistency and frequency are correct with the TikTok post, you rule the TikTok world. As creators, you need to post your videos 4-6 times daily. In addition, posting at the right time to your target audience make you the best TikToker among the audience. You can also schedule your videos on the TikTok calendar, one of the best ways to post without delay. 

Similarly, frequent posts should not make your followers feel monotonous and bored. To keep them enthusiastic, work on paper to deliver the best video ideas and plan to use those ideas daily. Repetitive content may also make your followers unfollow your account. On the other hand, your videos should grab more likes, and they should not get down with the likes or views when you check on the tiktok views counter even after several days. So be careful while posting frequently.

TikTok Duets And Lip-Syncing Videos

It is no less wonder that TikTok duets and lip-syncing videos are ranking top in engagement, driving not only in TikTok but also on other social media platforms. More than regular videos, people enjoy watching the duet performances collaborating with two popular creators. It’s quite an exciting idea, but it needs much behind-the-scenes work! The feature separates the screen into two parts and makes the creators perform with their expressions and lip syncs. In another way, lip-syncs have options for individual performances. Use these features with a control measure to gain your followers. 

Live Stream

As creators, you may put a lot of videos daily. But to break down the theme of your content, you may go with a live stream for some hours. Live steam may help you find the actual audience. Take up the suggestions of your loyal followers and improvise yourself better for the upcoming videos. Time is the primary factor when it comes to streaming live. One way is to check your audience’s active time, and the other is that there is a particular time scale to post for the specific category of videos. You may choose the best time to post your videos based on your video variety!

Original Videos

Being authentic and original never goes out of style. Unfortunately, people in 2022 don’t spend time viewing your videos. So keep your content short and sweet. Your originality may get more real-time likes on tiktokcounter, an app that helps creators and brands check their engagement level with TikTok users. Give viewers unique and remarkable content. Your personality will reflect in your content, which drives loyal viewers to your account. 

Wrapping Up

The above article gives a broad overview of 5 tactics to make high-quality content videos on TikTok. As TikTok becomes an unavoidable platform for advertising, I hope you can elevate your engagement among the audience with this article’s insights. In a dynamic trend world, upload your video with concentration to drive traffic. Success is not far away from you once you gain confidence in your tik tactics! Let’s TikTok!

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